Tom Brady’s former coach Bill Belichick stirs up trouble as Patriots reportedly shop QB Mac Jones to multiple teams

With the incredible athleticism of the legendary quarterback, Tom Brady, and the guidance of Patriots coach Bill Belichick, the team passed two decades of the illustrious period, leading the squad to grab six Super Bowls.

After the departure of the NFL GOAT, the Patriots presumed Mac Jones as the team’s eventual successor to Brady after spending a 2021 first-round pick on him, albeit the tenure Jones spent with the team has not been quite remarkable.

Starting from 1991, the Patriots coach compiled a record of 290 wins and 143 losses in his coaching career with the team and the Browns till 2021 and entered the 2022 season third on the all-time NFL coaching wins with 321.

Why did Bill Belichick try to shop the Patriots’ QB Mac Jones this off-season?

According to Pro Football Talk, there has been “lingering tension” between the Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Mac Jones, hence,  the coach was eyeing to trade the QB to at least four teams this offseason including Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Houston Texans, Washington Commanders, and Las Vegas Raiders.

The 24-year-old quarterback got upset with Belichick after forcing him to play under offensive coordinator Matt Patricia and first-year QB coach Joe Judge as neither of them had the backgrounds before coaching.

Bill Belichick

Well, Jones couldn’t sit quietly and went behind the coach’s back to seek outside help for the Patriots’ offensive struggles. According to NFL insider Chris Simms, the Patriots QB was probably discussing with the Alabama coach as Simms revealed on Pro Football Talk, “Of course, Mac Jones must have been frustrated, and that’s what I heard. I think I said that early in the season, that he had called Alabama and certain coaches saying, ‘Hey, can you give some ideas to our coaches.”

The information was conveyed to Belichick and unsurprisingly, it infuriated him as we saw last week at the NFL owner’s meetings when the 71-year-old coach was inquired about Jones’ competition with Bailey Zappe, he replied, ” Well, everybody will get a chance to play. We’ll play the best player.”

The Patriots coach seems still upset with their young QB, even though almost half a year has passed since the incident. 

Bill Belichick

Regardless of the exact reason behind the move, Belichick’s actions have stirred up trouble in the NFL community as many fans are expressing outrage over social media and some fans are also questioning the future of the Patriots’ quarterback position. The NFL community has been wondering what the future holds for both the Patriots and Jones.

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