“He doesn’t bring a prize”: Jorge Masvidal slams rumours about showdown against Jake Paul

There have been rumors on social media that Jake Paul has called Jorge Masvidal out and that the two trash-talkers may get into a fight anytime soon. However, in a recent interview, Masvidal, who fights in just three days, flatly rejected the notion of going up against Jake. 

A highly awaited welterweight match between Masvidal and Gilbert Burns will be featured on the upcoming UFC 287 headlining Pereira vs. Adesanya 2. Gamebred is eager and willing to restore his form after losing three straight matches to Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman.

What has Jorge Masvidal said regarding his battle with Jake Paul?

Masvidal participated in an interview with Karisa Maxwell of The Sporting News before the most crucial fight of his career. The welterweight fighter discussed a variety of contemporary combat sports topics including influencer boxing. However, the BMF title holder doesn’t see any possibility of him fighting any influencer, especially Jake Paul. 

“He’s not a draw, I’ll be honest with you. It’s proven. I’m in the promoter business. If influencers were selling pay-per-views like that, I would book these influencers. They don’t sell. His biggest draw was against I don’t know, [Tyron] Woodley or something, and got 80,000 buys.” said Masvidal. 

The number 11-ranked welterweight fighter expressed there are two specific reasons why signed up for Ultimate Fighting Championship. According to the Miami-born fighter, the reasons are his desire to fight the best in the world and to make the most money possible. The former welterweight title challenger says The Problem Child doesn’t fit either of those criteria. 

“So, would I see Jake Paul right now and allegedly just beat his a**? Yeah, I would, but in a prize-fighting ring? It doesn’t really serve me a purpose. Because I’m a prize fighter, and he doesn’t bring a prize in any way shape, or form.” Masvidal added.

Do you think if Jorge fails to defeat Gilbert Burns in his next fight, there is any possibility that he will change his mind and go for the Jake Paul fight? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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