MMA star Jorge Masvidal unfazed by Dana White’s persistence for Colby Covington saying “Dana says a lot of things”

Every day, a new fighter says something interesting that intensifies the competition among the UFC’s welterweight fighters, making it rather entertaining to follow along with. Jorge Masvidal now has launched a shot about the whole ‘Colby Covington receiving a title shot because of Dana White’s privilege controversy.

Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman fought for the third time ten days ago at the O2 Arena in London, United Kingdom. Edwards, the reigning welterweight champion, defeated Usman in a split decision to keep the title.

In the post-fight press conference, the UFC president made a surprising announcement by calling Covington’s name to declare him as the next person in the line to get a title shot.

‘Rocky’ found Dana’s decision quite surprising as there are other mighty fighters in the division who can give him a good fight. As it looks like, Gamebred has also joined Leon’s side by making a statement that goes against White’s decision. 

What did Jorge Masvidal say about Dana white?

Gamebred recently appeared in an interview with The MMA Hour where the 38-year-old fighter discussed a variety of issues. As the burning topic of the division, the number 11-ranked welterweight fighter had to share his thoughts. 

“I love Dana. But Dana says a lot of things, man. History says one thing. Whoever makes the most noise when they fight, whoever sells the most pay-per-views, and whoever fans want to see at the end of the day. That’s who’ll get the title shot.” said Masvidal. 

The BMF title holder and ‘Chaos’, two of the UFC’s welterweight division’s most divisive rivals, have been at odds for a while. There are therefore good reasons for Jorge to oppose Colby facing Leon in a title match. It absolutely makes sense why Masvidal is on team Edwards in the whole saga. 

“On top of that, as I recall, champions have always called the shots. Colby is only a champion of calling the cops. That c—k sucking b—ch p—syass motherf—ker. Colby can just sit in his timeout box until they call his ass up to fight me again.” Masvidal added. 

Masvidal is scheduled to fight Gilbert Burns in the co-main event of UFC 287 on April 8. Once Jorge is done with Burns, he is determined to fight Edwards for the ultimate glory and then come for Covington to take his most-awaited revenge. 

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