Jorge Masvidal’s shocking statement to Joe Rogan on Colby Covington “I wanna f****** murder him legally”

UFC welterweight division’s two most controversial fighters, Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington, have been at odds for a while. Now that Gamebred has publicly threatened to kill Colby, which signals that their hostility may just reach a brand new level.

Masvidal recently participated in an interview with Joe Rogan for The Joe Rogan Experience, during which he addressed a range of topics. However, Masvidal’s remarks regarding his dispute with Covington caught everyone’s attention.

What did Jorge Masvidal say about Colby Covington?

The number 11-ranked welterweight fighter and Colby did not always have a rocky relationship. Instead, they shared a coach and were teammates as well as friends. When Colby chose not to pay their coach, things between them started to deteriorate.

“As soon as Colby made money, what did he do? Didn’t pay my coach. Since then, I was like, ‘Bro, I want to f—king take a bat to his f—king neck.’ And my coach is like, ‘Don’t do it, bro. You’ll fight him, and that’s how you’ll get him for both of us.” Masvidal said. 

When Gamebred squared off in the octagon last year, there was an opportunity for them to resolve their dispute. Colby and Jorge battled on March 5 in the main event of UFC 272. But Covington defeated Masvidal in a contest that was essentially one-sided. The 38-year-old fighter has now made a shocking announcement, promising to kill Covington in the ring.

“I didn’t get him that time [we fought], but I promise you before my career’s over I’m gonna f—king murder Colby in the cage. In the UFC. I’m gonna f—king snatch his soul one way or another.” Masvidal added. 

Will Jorge Masvidal fight Colby Covington again in the UFC? 

Jorge Masvidal (35-16-0) has already circled April 8 on his calendar as an important day since it will mark his return to the octagon against Gilbert Burns in the co-main event of UFC 287. Meanwhile, Colby is probably going to fight the reigning welterweight champion in his next fight. 

The likelihood of a future rematch between the two rivals is so questionable. Masvidal, though, is adamant on resolving his unfinished business with Colby.

“I wanted to f—king kill him, I wanted to hurt him. It just wasn’t the best version of me. In this sport, it’s what I love about it, what happened happened, and everything else is bulls—t, right? So, until we fight again, nobody will get to see that better version of me.” Jorge added. 

The current BMF belt holder argues that when he faced his foe last year, he was not at his peak. Yet when he encounters Colby again, the former title challenger is determined to perform at his best.

“I promise you, before I close this chapter in my life in MMA, I will have competed against this guy [again] and I’m gonna f—king take his soul. I just know it after being those five rounds in there with him and that was the best that he had and I was nowhere near my best at that time for different reasons, I know I could f—king end this guy.” Jorge concluded.

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