Tom Brady’s former Patriots teammate predicts veteran QB not to be retiring but sees him departing Buccaneers

Tom Brady’s former New England Patriots teammate, Devin McCourty, has shared his belief that the veteran quarterback won’t retire, but instead leave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to join a contender.

Despite having no inside knowledge of Brady’s thinking or decision-making process, McCourty believes that TB12 is headed to the Tennessee Titans.

The Las Vegas Raiders have also been linked with Brady after Derek Carr confirmed his exit, but McCourty doesn’t see the legendary signal-caller going that far. One of the reasons for this is that Brady has links with the Titans, having played alongside Tennessee head coach Mike Vrabel early in his career.

McCourty stated, “He’s going to keep playing. I think a team like the Titans. He has (Mike) Vrabel down there, a guy he played with. Not too far from his family being on the East Coast. Different than going all the way out to Vegas. I know Josh McDaniels is there.”

McCourty also highlighted the strengths of the Titans, stating, “great running back, good defense, they’ll get some more weapons in there to throw the ball to. I could see Tom right there continuing his great career.”

Will Brady Join the Titans?

It’s worth noting that at this point it is unknown what Tom Brady will do. During his press conference after the Buccaneers’ loss to the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round, he seemed to have given his farewell to the organization. However, there are still questions about whether he would retire or opt to join a different team.

Devin McCourty makes a great point that the Titans could be a nice fit for Brady. Nothing is guaranteed, however, and fans will have to wait as Brady takes his time before making a decision about his future. Whether it’s the Titans or another team, one thing is for sure, the NFL world will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see where Tom Brady will take his talents next.



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