Tom Brady’s new girlfriend Veronika Rajek’s private DM leaked

It seems like Veronika is here to stay in the NFL universe. After appearing in an NFL game to support the Buccaneers- wearing a TB12 jersey, fans have chanted Miss Slovakia over and over again as Tom Brady’s new girlfriend.

Even though non of them commented about each other’s personal lives, fans cannot stop pointing towards Rajek’s post on Brady, claiming the model flirted with the NFL GOAT. However, her posts about Brady are from the perspective of a general fan.

Yet, fans do not miss any opportunity to talk “couple” about the two stars. Recently, fans, as well as critics, are discovering that Rajek tries to gain followers on Instagram like anyone “follower-hungry Gal,”- a report shows that Veronika sometimes follows people to get a follow back- maybe this is the secret to her massive 3.4 million followers, besides attracting people with her drooling appearances.

Tom Brady new girlfriend
Veronika Rajek’s attempts to gain new followers.

On the other hand, when the critic tried to DM her, the man saw some unusual questions that put doubts in many fans’ minds. Looking into her DM, three suggestions appear, “Are you really natural?”, “what’s your height, weight?” and “link in bio.”

Tom Brady new girlfriend
Veronika Rajek’s DM suggestions.

These suggestions hint at two things. First of all, people frequently asked her these questions, being charmed and mesmerised by the stunning looks of the model. On the contrary, Veronika wants people’s attention, so she likes it when people ask her these questions. These hints point towards our initial claim that the model is looking for more followers, but why?

Why does Veronika Rajek want more followers?

Revisiting her Instagram profile, the first picture that she has pinned is the one where she is wearing Tom Brady’s jersey. These attempts to gain more followers might be to grab the attention of the legendary TB12. 

Tom Brady being the man he is, will not quickly respond to flirtatious attempts, so having a massive following might help Rajek catch the eyes of Brady.

What do you think? What is Miss Slovakia up to? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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