Tom Brady’s signed iconic US flag set to break records as it is expected to garner staggering amount

The New England Patriots legend Tom Brady signed a U.S. flag in 2003, yet he had to re-sign it after the fan who owns the flag filed a lawsuit accusing him of vandalizing his precious property.

The owner of that flag, Dan Vitale, preserved his idol’s singed token for all these years and decided to let the Patriots Hall of Fame Committee display it. However, he went berserk after noticing the autograph got smudged after returning and sued the Patriots HOF committee for vandalism.

However, Brady re-signed the flag to resolve the issue, and the fan became so overly grateful that he decided to auction it off on eBay at a staggering price.

What is the base price of a Tom Brady-signed US flag?

Dan, the TB12 fan, decided to sell the flag in an online auction with a starting bid of a whopping $299,999. However, a large portion of the money will go to a noble charitable cause, Behavioral Health and Developmental Services of Strafford County, Inc. The auction will begin on March 23.

“While the flag holds a lot of value to me personally, I could not be more thrilled to auction it on eBay,” Vitale said in an interview. “So another collector can own this rare piece of sports history and, in the process, support those with autism, including my youngest daughter.”

The fan sued the Patriots for $1 million in compensation, believing they had devalued his property in the process of using it. But after the seven-time Super Bowl winner re-signed it, he felt the item’s value had been restored.

In his 23 years of professional career, Brady elevated himself as one of the greatest players of all time in the NFL’s history, if not the best one. A memory from his early stage holds an unimaginable price for the fans, and the token has already caught huge attention from the collectors.

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