Trail Blazers star guard Damian Lillard outperforms vs Jazz making NBA history

This season the NBA is full of high-scoring matches, and it seems like players are creating new standards in the tournament. In earlier seasons, individuals scoring forty-pointers was a huge deal.

Now, this season, the forty-point mark looks average as players score fifty individual points consistently. Damian Lillard playing against the Jazz has outplayed his previous performance of fifty points and placed himself among the “elite” list of the season.

Furthermore, going past the fifty points mark appeared to be “a piece of cake.” for most players this season, and on Wednesday, it was achieved for the seventeenth time as Damian scored sixty points!

It was most certainly the “Damian Lillard show,” as he helped the Blazers with his sixty points, leading the team to a 134–124 victory. Lillard has been one of the top players alongside Luka Doncic and Donovan Mitchell this season.

Lillard, Doncic, and Mitchell are the only players to score sixty or more points in the season. 

Mitchell is currently in top position with an insane seventy-one-pointer game against the Bulls. At the same time, Luka and Damian are tied up with sixty points each.

Moreover, Lillard’s stats have been sensational this season, showcasing his improvement. 

How much did Damian Lillard improve along with his stats?

Having a glance at Damian’s stats, anyone will notice huge differences from his previous seasons. The point guard, since 2012, has been with the Trail Blazers, and every year he has tried his best to improve. Yet this season, he is making some serious upgrades.

In the thirty-six games Lillard has figured in, he has managed to score an average of  30.1 points in each game. His average this season surpasses his previous one with a whopping 6.01 points! He only averaged 24 points per game in the 2021-22 season.

Not only that, Damian scored multiple forty-pointers this season and a fifty-pointer vs. the Cavaliers to go along with his new achievement. Truly, Damian Lillard has outperformed himself.


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