Training camps to start soon amid pandemic, the world might see a new normal

Since the novel Coronavirus has emerged in a giant form, all kinds of games with normal activities were made a halt for an indefinite time. It is still raging in the US but NFL and NFLPA authorities are very much into restarting the 2020 season gradually.

By this time, all the players, rookies, coaches, and game officials would be passing the busiest days in pads and heading towards a nine-week in-person work to come. But surely nothing is going to happen like before this year.

It will be a little tough to start the practice session amid the shutdown with all kinds of necessary safety measures and being considerate to the affected players. NFL’s chief medical officer Dr. Allen said in an interview, “It won’t feel normal because it won’t be normal”.

From roster size to practice schedule, everything is changing just to ensure the possibly safest environment throughout the whole season. The authority will give the highest importance on the safety issues hence no fans are allowed this time.

Training camps won’t be the same either this time. Additional time will be given for proper safety measures with almost daily check-up sessions. But before that, the players will have to go through several testing processes to assure that he is not infected to get onto the field.

Practice schedules and timeframe will be modified also. The authority has enforced the law of avoiding any kind of in-house party, concert, etc. to maintain safety also.

Thousands of works are pending if the season starts from the next month. The authority is trying hard to be adaptive enough for a changing environment during the camp seasons.

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