Tua Tagovailoa injury update: Dolphins’ QB set to miss wild card game vs Bills due to concussion protocol restrictions

The Dolphins taking on the Bills will be one heck of a match on Monday 16th of December. The two teams are rivals in the American Football Conference, and while the regular season was going on, the intensity between the two teams was quite noticeably unavoidable. In the first game, the Dolphins emerged as victors, yet it was not a comprehensive win with a huge margin- the Dolphins, with the participation of Tua Tagovailoa, won the game 21-19- a mere two points victory.

Even their second encounter was close and went down to the wire as the Bills clinched victory- 32-29- again, the Bills only won the match with a three points lead. However, both games were intense as the Dolphins and Bills were evenly matched, with Tua being the quarterback for the Dolphins.

Without Tagovailoa and Hamlin playing in their respective squads, the fans are questioning whether their third encounter in the Wild Card match will live up to their rivalries’ reputation. 

Damar Hamlin is recovering fast, yet he will not play the match. However, he plays in the safety position, unlike Tua, who is an excellent quarterback. In both of the earlier matches, the QB played phenomenally well. In the first game against the Bills, Tagovailoa ran 186 yards and scored a magnificent touchdown. While in the second game- even though the Dolphins lost the match- Tua improved upon his earlier performance, ran 234 yards, and scored two insane touchdowns. 

So, Fans will dearly miss his presence in the match. However, it is a wise move that Tagovailoa is not playing the match as he still needs to get back into shape following the NFL’s five phases of the concussion rule. Earlier on Tuesday, Cameron Wolfe shared the five phases Tua must go through. 

What did Cameron Wolfe share about Tua Tagovailoa?

Cameron Wolfe, in his tweet, wrote, 

“From Mike McDaniel’s comments that Tua Tagovailoa is feeling good, sweating (seemingly after exercise) but not yet cleared for non-contact football activity yet it would appear Tua is in Phase 2 or 3 of NFL return-to-participation concussion protocol,” and then he shared the picture of the five phases. 

Since a group of fans wanted to see Tua play and asked whether he would be available, Barry Jackson shared a tweet clarifying why Tua could not play. In his tweet, Barry wrote, 

“Remember, Tua had memory issues and an inability to recall things after GB concussion. Doctors are taking this very seriously, to the point they told the coaching staff that they should not discuss ANY topics that could cause him stress, such as when he might play again.”

Let us all pray for a speedy recovery for Tua Tagovalioa so that he may be back on the field and entertain us with his magnificent Football skills. We should not pressure him, which might cause more trouble for the Dolphins QB. 


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