Tyson Kidd’s training video makes the WWE fans optimistic for his return

WWE fans experienced the return of so many legends of the game plenty of times. In recent years, we witnessed the extraordinary returns of both Daniel Bryan and Edge. This time the comeback of Tyson Kidd might happen if everything goes well as per the speculation. 

Recently, his wife Natalia uploaded a video of his training in her Instagram account. The video shows the former wrestler training in the ring. Kidd looks in great shape even after leaving the ring five years ago. 

Earlier in 2014, Kidd had a terrible neck injury that he caught during a match with Samoa Joe in Raw. The severe injury made him bound to stop wrestling since then for the sake of his life. 

Later, he started working as a full-time producer in WWE from June 2017. During that time, the company shifted his profile from the player section to the alumni section of the website which was probably the indication of his career end. 

Now the training video of Kidd can surely bring some hope in the mind of WWE fans who would love to see this guy in the ring again. 

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