Victor Wembanyama reveals the essential that differentiates NBA stars from “selfless” Europeans 

Everyone is talking about Victor Wembanyama in the next draft as he is creating quite a commotion in the NBA realm. It’s intriguing to see how his European upbringing has affected the way he views basketball on the whole.

As we discover more about Wembanyama’s life, similarities between him and some of the top NBA players become increasingly obvious. No matter how much the Frenchman wants to distance himself, many fans see the reflection of legends in him.

Victor Wembanyama discloses his Nikola Jokic fondness

Wemby’ apparently is deeply fond of Nikola Jokic and not just because he is a European.  The Serbian Jokic just recently made his appearance in the big league. He moved from playing water polo to hoops as an adolescent, according to Jonathan Givony of ESPN, and it very well was not till the March of 2021 that he was regarded as a serious talent in European circles.

Jokic is now anticipated to be picked in the 1st-round of the drafts. This is all the information you need to know about the top European prospect in the 2022 NBA Draft, from his background to his talents and shortcomings. Jokic is a forward who stands 6 feet 11 inches tall and has good guard skills and game sense.

‘The Joker’ Jokic has shown some promise as a shot-creator, he handles the ball effectively for his stature, and he is a very decent passer. He also has a fluid shooting motion with a range that reaches the 3-point line. Although he isn’t regarded as an outstanding athlete, he can finish at the rim and runs the floor efficiently in transition.

It’s not difficult to imagine Jokic someday assuming the role of a stretch four or point forward, even though he might need to bulk up to play power forward in the NBA. Victor Wembanyama of France was anticipated to be selected first overall in the draft.  Like Jokic, Victor Wembanyama and his outlook on basketball are strongly influenced by his upbringing in Europe.

Wemby points out how basketball in NBA differs from Europe

On his first podcast appearance, the young prodigy discussed the differences between European and American basketball in terms of style and philosophy. He also takes into account how, in order to fit the theme, he had to keep a specific gameplay approach.

In contrast to the more individualistic style frequently observed in American basketball, he understands that European basketball stresses team chemistry and distributing the ball.

In Europe, the emphasis is on strategic teamwork, as continual one-on-one play can result in mistakes and failure. Athletes like Victor, who share the ball, have always had to acclimate and make a comprehensive contribution to their team’s conquest.

Victor Wembanyama

They are encouraged to adopt a selfless mentality through this novel strategy. As he noted, “The way to become the best player on the best team is not only to score 20 or 23 points and grab 15 rebounds it’s also to make your teammates better.” His way of thinking demonstrates that he wants to improve the squad as a whole in addition to leaving his mark as an individual.

It becomes clear that Victor Wembanyama has traits in common with prominent NBA players Luka Doncic, Stephen Curry, and Giannis Antetokounmpo as we explore the idea of unselfish stars.

Victor and his epiphany emphasize the significant idea that success in basketball—and possibly in life—isn’t determined exclusively by an individual’s genius, but rather by their ability to collaborate and inspire others.

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