WATCH: “Greatest 3-point shooter” Stephen Curry goes viral with outrageous golfing

Move whatever is in your way so that you can succeed, Stephen Curry the master hooper has inculcated that to the tee. And speaking of ‘tee’ when it comes to golf, ‘The Golden Boy’ Curry swings his club with a Midas-Touch. Curry has more than often exhibited his skills on the course, and this time was no different either.

TThose out of the loop were probably shocked to see the highly regarded athlete put up such a great performance in a sport that they don’t generally associate him with.

Stephen Curry shows off his talent for Golf

One of the most revered 3-point shooters in the National Basketball Association’s history is Stephen Curry. The four-time NBA Champion, though, is also a sizable fan of other sports, with golf being his favorite.

In a recent video. when playing a hole, he is seen discovering the fairway and confidently hitting his shot in the direction of the hole. The ball rose before coming to rest right in front of the hole. Then it came straight in as Curry and his teammates praised his outstanding performance.

‘Chef Curry’s’ short game has received comments and praise from numerous golf coaches. If he worked on his swing and did more reps, they think he has the potential to qualify for golf competitions.

Curry, the basketball star for the Golden State Warriors, has frequently shown how much he enjoys playing golf. He has been spotted hitting the course on numerous occasions, most recently at the Memorial Tournament with Jordan Spieth. When Rose Zhang won in New Jersey, he was one of the few NBA players to congratulate her.

How many 3s Curry has scored?

In his professional career, Stephen Curry has made 3,390 three-pointers. Tuesday, December 14, 2021, saw Stephen Curry reach a goal he’d had for almost his entire career. Steph outshone NBA icon Ray Allen’s all-time record of 2,973 completed 3-pointers during the standard season by sinking one against the Knicks.

Stephen Curry

“There is literally zero thought about the mechanics or anything that goes into the shot,” stated Curry. “It’s just a natural flow from the time you see either I’m dribbling, or the ball is coming on a pass, to the time the ball hits my hand, and I know I’m going to shoot.”

Stephen ‘The Baby-Faced Assassin’ Curry, who was already honing his long-range shooting abilities as a youth, put in his all-encompassing labor into the record-breaking moment.

“I could always shoot when I was growing up,” said Curry. “That was something that kind of came naturally. I had a certain touch and feel for putting the ball in the basket, extending my range, even when I was nine or ten years old to the high school three-point line.”

Reggie Miller, a shooting guard for the Indiana Pacers and a Hall-of-Famer who held the 3-point record until Ray Allen broke it in 2011, was his favorite player when he was a youngster. It is an instance Stephen Curry recalls rather fondly.

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