Ahead of Stephen Curry pairing up day, Warriors’ rookie provides stern caution to teams following late NBA Draft pick

Talented prospect Trayce Jackson-Davis took fans and critics by shock after being one of the last players to be called out. The former Indiana player was ultimately selected as the 57th pick by the Golden State Warriors during the NBA draft.

Nonetheless, he was not particularly excited about just being drafted. Trayce took to Twitter to announce that his late pick out will be a cause of disappointment for several opponents. 

The tweet was neither welcomed nor appreciated by fans, who believed he was being too arrogant. Some even suggested that it was this very show that he is putting up that led to most teams passing on him. 

Trayce Jackson-Davis takes to Twitter following draft slide

Worried about going absolutely undrafted, Trayce Jackson-Davis tweeted as the second round slugged on toward the end,

“Y’all will regret it. I promise you.”

The controversial post was clearly targeted at the franchises who kept overlooking him as the NBA draft night wore on. His tone and attitude were not impressive to fans, and most of the replies to his tweets echo such sentiments.

Many fans were not thrilled with the open challenge thrown to the field by the youngster. Many also believed that as a rookie he has a long day to perform ahead, instead of spewing hate after just being drafted.  

Indiana alum joins Warriors following Wizards draft trade

In an interview with the Indianapolis Star, the four-time Hoosiers team star said:

“I play with a chip on my shoulder and that’s what I’ve always done,” Jackson-Davis said. “I don’t think of this situation as anything different. And so I’m gonna put a chip on my shoulder. I’m going to play to the best of my ability and I think my athleticism and my IQ on the basketball court is going to make me a valuable piece.”

The beginner seems optimistic about upholding his college-level performance on the stellar NBA court. As his school’s third-highest scorer and topper in rebounds and blocks, he could make a great addition to the Warriors if his play is translated well into the elite arena. The newcomer is expected to build a strong presence in the game while also learning and brushing his skills up with the Golden State. 
What do you think about a newbie’s sportsman spirit? Do you believe it is equally important to gracefully accept defeat as much as success? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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