Vince McMahon in trouble again as he reportedly faces another sexual assault allegation

Vince McMahon does not seem to be enjoying his retirement life. The former WWE chief remained at the helm of his wrestling promotion for over 4 decades. He probably would’ve liked to carry on further but allegations of sexual misconduct were brought against him by the Wall Street Journal and he had to reluctantly retire,

The creative team was later helmed by Triple H, while Stephanie McMahon and Tony Khan became co-CEOs. Under the new leadership, WWE was performing impressively but Vince McMahon decided to end his retirement and come back. Now Forbes reveals new sexual assault allegations against him.

Rita Chatterton was the first female referee in WWE who worked there for a little while. She alleges that McMahon had raped her in a Limousine all the way back in 1986. She initially didn’t speak on the matter but finally made a formal complaint in 1992. However, nothing came from the complaint so she decided to take the issue to court again recently.

Another accusation of misconduct against the Billionaire came from a SPA owner who held McMahon responsible for an assault in a California resort all the way back in 2011.

Vince has also been accused of getting into an affair with a 41-year-old. The person was hired by the WWE president as a paralegal for a very high salary. That salary was doubled when the affair began but she was later handed to another senior official ‘Like a toy.’ Finally, she was given $3 million to stay quiet.

The 77-year-old previously was accused of sending inappropriate photos to one of his female wrestlers and later harassing her. McMahon also forced another woman into intercourse without her consent and later removed her from the company when she refused his sexual advances.

Vince denies most of these allegations even though he has previously admitted to cheating on his wife Linda McMahon. His retirement was suspicious but it benefitted his brand. Now if he does manage to get back into the company then WWE will take major financial hits and might lose sponsors.

Will McMahon shoot himself in the foot by attempting a comeback? We have to wait to find out.

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