Warriors’ ace Draymond Green’s inspiring speech fueled Klay Thompson in 2016 Western Conference Finals

Klay Thompson, a four-time NBA champion with the Warriors, recently embarked on the ANTA Squad Asia Tour, marking another chapter in his illustrious career. Over the past decade, Klay’s influence on the team has been nothing short of remarkable.

During an interview session in Manila, he revisited a wonderful moment which is his astonishing 41-point performance against the OKC Thunder in Game 6 of the 2016 Western Conference Finals. According to Thompson, it was Draymond Green’s impassioned speech that provided him with the confidence needed to deliver this unforgettable feat.

Klay credits Draymond’s speech for iconic performance

Back in 2016, the Warriors faced a significant challenge. Down 3-1 against the formidable OKC Thunder, led by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, they needed an extraordinary effort to secure a spot in the Finals.

Against all odds, Curry and the Warriors prevailed, with Thompson achieving his highest-ever point total in a playoff game. Prior to Game 6, Thompson shared Green’s motivational words, saying, “We had already achieved the unimaginable this season.”


Reflecting on that iconic game, Klay in an interview posted on X by Naveen Ganglani said, “I thought you would say game 6 2023. I do remember, when I think back about that game, I remember losing game 4, we are down 3-1.”

“Draymond Green made one of the best speeches I have ever heard, about how no one thought we were gonna win 73 games and no one thinks it is possible we can come back from this deficit. Let’s go shock the world. That right there, gave me a lot of confidence. I went to the next game with that mindset, and that is a very great memory for me, because we really shocked ourselves and had out of body experiences.” Klay added. 

Klay revealed the significance of Green’s speech, ranking it among the best he’s ever heard. This included their extraordinary regular season record of 73-9. Green’s unwavering determination to “shock the world” became a reality as the team achieved the seemingly impossible.

Which team won in the 2016 Western Conference Finals?

In the 2016 Western Conference Finals, it was the Oklahoma City Thunder who emerged victorious over the Golden State Warriors, gaining a commanding 3-1 series lead. The Thunder, spearheaded by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, were just a win away from an NBA title berth after a decisive Game 4 victory at home (118-94). Durant recorded 26 points and 11 rebounds, complemented by Westbrook’s remarkable 36 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists.


The Thunder’s path to the NBA Finals, which involved defeating the 73-9 Warriors and the 67-win San Antonio Spurs in back-to-back playoff series, seemed assured. However, the narrative took an unexpected turn as the Thunder lost three consecutive games, notably squandering their 3-1 series lead.

Notably, Kevin Durant concluded his tenure with the Thunder during this series, eventually joining the Warriors a few months later, altering the course of NBA history.

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