Warriors’ Kevon Looney’s historic NBA Playoffs rebounding performance vs Kings earns high praise from Skip Bayless: “Thats impossible”

Kevon Looney of the Golden State Warriors put on a historic rebounding performance in the first round of the NBA Playoffs against the Sacramento Kings, earning high praise from Skip Bayless. In a do-or-die Game 7, Looney outclassed the league’s top rebounder, Domantas Sabonis, with his superior positioning and fundamentals, emerging as the victor almost every time.


Looney’s astounding rebounding abilities kept Sabonis off the defensive glass, resulting in the Warriors’ 120-100 victory. In the third quarter alone, Looney was responsible for seven of the Warriors’ 13 offensive rebounds.

His efforts have earned him half-cheeky comparisons to established Gods of the Glass, including Dennis Rodman and “late 70s Moses Malone crossed with UCLA Bill Walton.”

During Game 7, Looney finished with 11 points, 21 rebounds (11 offensive, 10 defensive), and four assists, making him the first to pull off such a feat since Dwight Howard in 2008. This was his third 20-rebound game of the series, and his performance left Skip Bayless in awe, saying, “That’s impossible.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr also praised Looney, calling him “a flat-out winner and a machine” and acknowledging that the team wouldn’t have made it as far without him. Sabonis, on the other hand, struggled on the glass, managing only eight total rebounds, with only five coming on the defensive end. His movement looked frantic and desperate, unlike Looney’s superior positioning and fundamentals.

In conclusion, Looney’s historic rebounding performance in the NBA Playoffs against the Sacramento Kings has earned him high praise from Skip Bayless, who called it impossible.

Looney’s superior positioning and fundamentals outclassed the league’s top rebounder, Domantas Sabonis, resulting in a do-or-die victory for the Golden State Warriors. His efforts have been acknowledged by coach Steve Kerr, who called him a “flat-out winner and a machine.”

The Rodman Comparison: How Kevon Looney Rebounding Prowess is Reminiscent of the Worm

Kevon Looney’s performance in the first-round playoff series against the Sacramento Kings was nothing short of spectacular, particularly on the glass. The 6’9″ forward’s rebounding abilities proved to be a crucial factor in the Golden State Warriors’ victory, as he outclassed the Kings’ top rebounder, Domantas Sabonis.

Looney’s dominance on the boards was reminiscent of Dennis Rodman, the former Chicago Bulls star who was widely considered one of the greatest rebounders in NBA history.

Like Rodman, Looney displayed superior positioning and fundamentals, making the league’s top rebounder irrelevant on many occasions. In Game 7 alone, Looney recorded an impressive 21 rebounds, 11 of which were offensive rebounds.

While Looney’s performance may not be quite on par with Rodman’s legendary feats, the comparison is not unfounded. Both players possess an uncanny ability to read the trajectory of the ball and position themselves accordingly, often leaving opponents with little chance of securing the rebound.

Looney’s rebounding prowess has earned him praise from fans and analysts alike, with some even daring to make comparisons to the great Worm himself.


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