“The man, the myth, the legend”: Stephen Curry’s 50-point NBA Playoffs performance vs Kings draws high praise from Warriors’ Draymond Green

Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to a thrilling Game 7 victory against the Sacramento Kings, scoring 50 points and securing a spot in the Western Conference semifinals. Before the game, Curry gave an inspiring speech to his teammates, urging them to “prepare [their] mind and body for this opportunity we have” and emphasizing the importance of not going out “like that” after their disappointing loss in Game 6.

Teammate Draymond Green praised Curry’s leadership and knew that he was going to do something incredible in Game 7. “When he delivered that speech, I can’t say I knew he was gonna come out and get 50, but I knew he was going to come out and do something incredible,” Green said on his podcast. “And I knew there was no way he was gonna allow us to lose that game.” “You know when he got the look,you know when he locked in and like losing is not an option.” “Where wanted to push the tempo push it and when he wanted to slow it down it slowed down.”

Curry’s 50-point performance was one of the greatest playoff games of all time. He added eight rebounds, six assists, and a steal to his stat line and turned the ball over only once. The Warriors won 120-100, securing a homecourt advantage throughout the next round against the LA Lakers.

The two teams met four times in the regular season, with the Lakers winning three games. The upcoming series will feature a highly anticipated matchup between Curry and LeBron James, two of the greatest players in NBA history. Despite being the underdogs, the Warriors are favored to win the series.

Basketball fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the start of this series, which will undoubtedly be filled with excitement and intense competition. As Curry and James face off once again, fans will be watching to see who comes out on top and advances to the next round of the playoffs.

Stephen Curry Historic 50-Point Game 7 Performance Fueled by Powerful Pregame Speech

Golden State Warriors’ star player, Steph Curry, delivered a powerful speech before their Game 7 against the Sacramento Kings, which inspired his team to a 120-100 victory. The Warriors had suffered a demoralizing Game 6 defeat on their home court, and Curry’s words helped to energize the team for the must-win Game 7. According to Draymond Green, Curry’s speech was the greatest of his career, and it focused on the embarrassing loss in Game 6 and the commitment required from the team to win Game 7.

Curry’s message was simple, yet forceful: Game 6 was an embarrassing defeat the Warriors couldn’t let happen again. He needed everyone else to be all in and make a commitment to the team. The speech was so powerful that it gave Andrew Wiggins “chills,” and Green said it got everyone “locked in.” Curry became the first player in NBA history to score 50 points in a Game 7, while Kevon Looney grabbed 21 rebounds for Golden State, and every Warriors starter finished with a plus-25 or better in plus/minus rating. The team held the NBA’s most potent offense to 42 points in the second half.

Although Curry isn’t known for giving pregame speeches, his words had a significant impact on the Warriors’ performance in Game 7. Green said that Curry’s speech fired him up, and he was confident that Curry would do something incredible in the game. Curry’s speech and performance in Game 7 are now part of the defining phrases of his illustrious career.


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