“I feel like I was placed somewhat in a box”: Broncos new TE Adam Trautman expresses frustration with limited role during Saints stint

New Orleans Saints former tight end Adam Trautman has recently expressed his outrage with his role on the team and disclosed asking for a trade to the Denver Broncos.

The Saints traded Trautman to the Broncos along with a seventh-round pick to move up in the NFL Draft and pick Wake Forest receiver A.T. Perry in the sixth round.

Throughout his three seasons in New Orleans, Adam recorded 641 receiving yards and four touchdowns in 43 games and never garnered more than 263 receiving yards in any of his seasons.

What did ex-Saints Adam Trautman say about his role in New Orleans?

Former Saints TE Adam Trautman opened up to the Denver area media on Sunday saying he was the one to request a trade after getting disenchanted with his role in the New Orleans offense.

“Absolutely, I was actually hoping to get moved. This was initiated by me personally. I’ve been waiting for a little bit for something to materialize and it just happened to be the Broncos, obviously”, he told 9 News Denver’s Mike Klis.

Adam Trautman

The 26-year-old cited the disappointment of not being able to live up to his full potential on the Saints saying he wanted to get enrolled in a squad where he could prove himself more than a blocker.

“I feel like I was placed somewhat in a box. They put a limit on what I could contribute and I felt like I could contribute a lot more. I was primarily used as a blocker. I thought I could do more and I didn’t want to get to the end of my career and think I could have done it, caught the ball a little more”, he added.

However, stats show the former third-round pick struggled with drops during his time with the Saints as he caught only 18 passes for 207 yards and one touchdown in 15 games last season, leading the team to relegate him to more of a blocking role.

Adam blamed the Saints for stunting his growth and revealed a discussion with his agent Chase Callahan who later suggested Trautman find a new destination.

“I didn’t feel like I was reaching my potential as a player. All you want to do after you’ve busted your tail for 20-something years to get to this point, you want to exhaust everything you can so someone doesn’t put a cap or a limit on your abilities. And I feel like that was happening back in New Orleans. I talked to my agent [Chase Callahan] and we determined it was best to move on and get to a new place and fresh start.”

Adam Trautman

Trautman‘s performance saw a major downturn lately, leading to Juwan Johnson becoming TE1 of the Saints as he surpassed the newly acquired Broncos TE by catching 42 passes for 508 yards and seven touchdowns.

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