Sean O’Malley reveals Jake Paul’s next opponent after fight vs Nate Diaz: “It’s still like motherf****r can fight Mike Perry and it would be interesting”

According to Sean O’Malley, a UFC bantamweight fighter, a professional boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Perry would be fascinating to watch. O’Malley thinks that this fight should happen, regardless of the result of Paul’s previous match against Nate Diaz.

Earlier this year, there were concerns about whether Tommy Fury would participate in his scheduled boxing match against Paul, and Perry was named as the official backup in case Fury didn’t show up.

Although Perry wasn’t required to fight in February, O’Malley, who is ranked number one in the UFC bantamweight division, would like to see the two square off in the future.

During an episode of the TimboSugarShow, O’Malley expressed his interest in a potential match between Paul and Perry.

“Mike Perry [vs.] Jake Paul gets a little more interesting, not bare-knuckle. Even if Jake loses to Nate [Diaz], it’s still like motherf*cker can fight Mike Perry and it would be interesting.”

Tommy Fury did ultimately show up for his boxing match against Jake and defeated the former YouTuber, marking Paul’s first professional boxing loss. Currently, Paul is scheduled to return to the ring for a boxing bout against Nate Diaz, who recently left the UFC, on August 5th.

Jake Paul
Bisping is not happy about Jake Paul

Tim Welch questions Jake Paul

Since he departed from the UFC in April 2021, Mike Perry has emerged as the face of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship by claiming three victories against Julian Lane, Bellator’s Michael ‘Venum’ Page, and Luke Rockhold on April 29.

It begs the question of how many more fighters will be brave enough to challenge ‘Platinum’ in the raw and unforgiving world of bare-knuckle boxing.

Dana White
Dana White hopes Nate Diaz and Jake Paul make copious amounts of money

In the same podcast episode, Tim Welch, who is Sean O’Malley’s coach and close friend, shared his thoughts on the possibility of Jake facing off against Perry in the BKFC:

“I wonder if Jake [Paul] would even entertain that if Bare Knuckle [Fighting Championship] is like, ‘Hey, we’ll give you $5 million to fight Mike Perry.’ I wonder if he’d be like, ‘fuck no.’”

The probability of Jake trying his hand at bare-knuckle boxing is highly unlikely. Paul has previously expressed apprehensions about sustaining excessive brain damage and has grander ambitions for his career in combat sports.

Jake Paul

Following his match against Nate Diaz on August 5th, ‘The Problem Child’ is expected to make his MMA debut with the PFL. Moreover, he appears keen on pursuing a significant boxing match against notable fighters such as Conor McGregor or Canelo Alvarez.

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