Warriors’ star Draymond Green opens up about unequal officiating in NBA saying “trying to figure out why am I taking so many elbows to the face”

The Golden State Warriors’ power forward, Draymond Green, is not usually somebody you can do whatever you want and get away with, but during a game on the court, he can’t go all berserk on his opponent always.

Draymond is a dominant figure in the play, and like his position, he emits powerful physical demonstrations. But even a player like him can be on the receiving end of the tackle or physical challenge that he is used to providing for his counterparts.

Recently, the Warriors star appeared to be impatient regarding some of the actions during the game and spoke up against the referees being unfair to him.

What did Draymond Green say about referees?

The 33-year-old is demanding answers from the officials after he struggles against the physicality of opponents. In a recent Twitter post, he shared his disgruntlement regarding the overlooking of the referees.

“Sitting here with a big shinner on my forget trying to figure out why am I taking so many elbows to the face and head but nothing happens. 🤯🤯🤯🤷🏿‍♂️” the-four time NBA champion tweeted.

It seems quite peculiar that such tantrums are coming from him, whereas he used to be the kind of player who manipulates his opponent physically. Even his aggressive action extended to fouls, as he committed 3.2 personal fouls per game so far this season.

The four-time NBA all-star holds the second place for most technical fouls in season 17 and has been suspended eight times due to technical fouls. Moreover, as he landed on the 17th foul, he had to pay $5,000 as a fine for each foul and a one-game suspension for two games from now on.

It was kind of unorthodox when Green himself saw himself as the victim; now, even some of the fans find it bizarre that this complaint is coming from Dray Magic. However, it’s now up to the officials to decide how to respond to his antics.

Do you agree with Draymond Green? What’s your take on his claim? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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