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Watch: Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin squashes cloning rumors releasing video with thank you message

damar hamlin

The Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin attended the divisional-round game against the Cincinnati Bengals following his cardiac arrest. We could see his arrival on the cart and the famous heart gesture through a hazy window, which led some delirious fans to start a conspiracy theory.

The safety went to watch the game for the first time after being released from the hospital to inspire his teammates in the playoff game.

Despite their heartbreaking loss, Damar’s appearance appeared to help them heal a little bit and give them a healthy appearance.

Regardless of how miraculous it may appear to some fans, they chose to believe in the player’s death over believing in his well-being!

Thus, conspiracy theories went out into the thin air after the man of the hour appeared on camera himself.

What did Damar Hamlin do to prove himself alive?

In the Bills facility, the 24-year-old appeared physically before the camera to deliver a special thank-you message for his family, teammates, the NFL community, and all those who supported him after his incident.

Later, Hamlin shared the clip from both his Twitter and Instagram accounts to share his gratitude with his fans and well-wishers.


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A post shared by DaⓂ️ar Hamlin <3 (@d.ham3)

He wrote in the caption, “From The Heart ♥️.-Sincerely 3💕!”

But there are still some who buried their heads in the sand and use the ‘clone’ theory. The Buffalo Bills’ YouTube channel published the story that might open the gates of these unhinged individuals’ minds and let reality touch them appropriately.

YouTube video

We, the fans, were overjoyed to see how determined the youngster is to return to his natural form, as well as how relieved the family was that their beloved had returned from the brink of death.

Hamlin is still recovering from cardiac arrest, and we are hoping to see him ground tackle the opponent hard.

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