Watch: Chief TE Travis Kelce’s perfect impression of MVP Patrick Mahomes “Frog Voice” on SNL

Being a host on America’s most prestigious television show, SNL is considered an achievement for celebrities of various industries, and the Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce got his first opportunity in the show’s latest episode.

The Chiefs’ star tight end completed another successful season, winning the super bowl ring on February 12 against his brother, Jason Kelce’s Philadelphia eagles. Jason was present at the show as an audience, but that didn’t let him get rid of his younger brothers’ jokes and pinches.

Aside from these, the fans were also expecting a certain performance from Travis, and the star didn’t disappoint them at all.

What did Travis Kelce do on SNL?

The SNL’s monologues are somewhat iconic, and the most anticipated part of the show is the hosts delivering their best performance to entertain the audience. Travis Kelce had a perfect killer weapon to present what the fans would relish.

The 33-year-old pulled an iconic performance mimicking his superstar teammate Patrick Mahomes in a squeaky Kermit the Frog voice.

This isn’t the first time Kelce impersonated his teammates’ impression; previously, he has done the same voice mimic during the Kelce brothers podcast-New Heights, but every time it feels new and freshly baked.

Travis Kelce SNL
The New Heights podcast.


The Chiefs superstar had a fantastic season, completing 12 receiving touchdowns with 1338 yards gained in 110 receptions in 17 games. In his 10 years of professional career, Kelce won the Super Bowl ring twice and the pro-bowl honor eight times.

His elder brother, Jason, also won the Super Bowl in 2017 for the Eagles; however, this time, the younger brother got the last laugh in the closely-contested, highly-controversial final game.

What is your favorite version of Travis Kelce’s Patrick Mahomes voice mimic? Let us know in the comment section.

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