“Whoa the goat is back” MMA fighters react to Jon Jones’ lightning victory vs Ciryl Gane at UFC 285

After three years, Jon Jones finally returned to the octagon with a stunning victory over Cyril Gane. Before the bout, NFL GOAT Tom Brady sent a heartfelt message to  MMA“GOAT” Jon Jones, and as the fight ended, MMA fighters from various promotions worldwide rushed to Twitter to respond to Jones’ fantastic triumph.

Jones defeated Gane in a dominating fashion. As soon as the bout ended, many started to call him the greatest of all time. Here are some of the reactions from other top MMA fighters across the world.

How did MMA Fighters react to Jones’ victory?

Former UFC heavyweight champion tweeted saying, “Good job Jonny Boy. Sincerely, The heavyweight king.”

Sean Strickland expressed his disappointment with Gane’s performance, saying, “@ciryl_gane goddamn! Bro, you looked more scared than Jones wife after some cocaine. Wtf bro!!! Although real talk Jones is a scary mother fucker. pound for pound best fighter to ever grace a octagon.” 

Brazilian fighter Renato Moicano expressed his thoughts in a hilarious way saying,” John fooking bones +100 underdog….. god dammm… I would bet my house if I could….. damned be you James Krause.”

Tanner Boser does not see any issues regarding the GOAT debate, so he goes on to say, “Jones is currently GOAT and it can’t be argued.” 

Belal Muhammad posted multiple tweets to share his thoughts, including, “Maybe gane does only practice when he has a fight.” 

Kenny Florian never saw a chance for Gane in this fight, saying, “Honestly, people who thought Gane would be able to do anything on the ground against Jones is insane.” 

The MMA world isn’t shy when it comes to sharing its thoughts on social media. Although Jones was the deserving champion, many were disappointed to see the highly anticipated match end quickly in the first round, that too with over two minutes and fifty-eight seconds remaining! Truly, Jon is the GOAT of MMA, and he proved it once again with his fighting skills. 

As the world of MMA reacts to this astonishing victory of the GOAT, we would like to ask you to share your take on the bout. You can express your thoughts in the comments. 

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