Watch: Eagles HC Nick Sirianni spitting all over himself on sidelines amid playoff game vs Giants

The Philadelphia Eagles got an easy win in the divisional round game against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field last night. The game concluded with a 38-7 scoreline favoring the host.

The Eagles continued their journey to the conference championship level, where they will face the winner between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys after tonight’s game. However, the eagles had already sharpened their edge by killing the giants.

Though they had a rather easy matchup against the Giants, it seems the Eagles’ head coach, Nick Sirianni, found it hard to spit during the game on the sidelines.

What actually happened to Nick Sirianni at the Lincoln financial field?

We caught Nick spitting on himself on camera right before the game started, while the commentator was introducing the head coaches for both teams.

It appears nobody cares ahead of a contentious game in the playoffs. Naturally, the coaches became much more tense as they sat helplessly on the sidelines as the entire team attempted to make an effort on the field.

However, his team didn’t wet themselves while sweeping the floor with the giants, as the Eagles were flying all over the opponent’s defense. They scored in double figures in the three out of four quarters where the Giants were just running around cluelessly and scoring nothing.

Sirianni’s NFL coaching career started with the Kansas City Chiefs as an offensive quality control coach in 2009. Later in 2021, the Eagles appointed the 41-year-old as head coach for the first time to make the offense much more clinical. It appears that Siriani has been successful so far.

With a 67.6% winning rate, Nick has taken the Eagles into the postseason in both seasons. After conceding a heartbreak against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season, he is eying the Super Bowl ring, which is only two wins away.

No matter how difficult it is to spit for him, Nick Sirianni can be counted on to lead the Philadelphia Eagles offense.


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