Watch: How do WWE stars look without makeup? Rhea Ripley remarks “Social media is like poison, we are all beautiful in our own ways”

WWE in celebration of Women’s History Month. It recently conducted a groundbreaking no-makeup photo shoot featuring its female Superstars. Whereas, Rhea Ripley the fearless WWE Superstar. She knows that social media can be a double-edged sword, it can be a cesspool with its toxicity and pressure to conform.

Ripley’s blunt yet empowering remark “Social media is like poison, we are all beautiful in our own ways.” It reminds us to embrace our individuality and not let the poison of social media diminish our self-worth.

The no-makeup campaign generated millions of impressions, likes, comments, and shares. Thus, demonstrating social media’s significant reach and engagement. The shoot received much praise from fans and media alike. Especially, for its inclusivity and representation of female wrestlers in their natural state.

Rhea Ripley

Breaking Barriers: WWE’s Empowering No Makeup Campaign and Candid Beauty Standards Discussion

The success of the shoot also translated into increased traffic to WWE’s website. Thereby further indicating the effectiveness of their social media promotion. The campaign set a positive example for promoting diversity and empowerment in the wrestling industry. With WWE leading the way in creating more inclusive and authentic representations of its Superstars.

Aside from the no-makeup picture shoot. WWE Superstar Carmella also moderated an open debate about beauty standards. It was with five other female wrestlers from SmackDown, Raw, and NXT. Having the discussion led by a fellow athlete made it feel more like a natural conversation rather than an interview. The Superstars were also permitted to upload behind-the-scenes material on their Instagram Stories. In order to build anticipation among WWE fans for the release of the feature.

“Social Media Sensation: WWE’s Groundbreaking Photo Shoot Takes the Internet by Storm”

The results of this groundbreaking photo shoot were astounding. On the International Women’s Day. A teaser photo was shared on WWE’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It had over 3.2m impressions and reached over 2.6m Facebook members. It was also the “Top Media Tweet” for WWE on Twitter in March. Thus, having the greatest engagement rate of the month and over a million impressions.

On Facebook, the gallery post garnered over 343k engagements, while the carousel post on Instagram had the greatest engagement rate of the day. It was averaging 6.5 percent, with over 326k likes, 2,400 comments, 2.7m impressions, and 9,300 saves. WWE also made an Instagram Story of the gallery, which received an average of 14.5m impressions and 2.2m distinct users on each slide.

WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley and Her Heartfelt Connection with Fans on Social Media

WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley, known for her tough and fearless persona inside the ring, surprised fans with a heartwarming display of appreciation on social media. Ripley, who is hailed for her strength and tenacity in the wrestling world, took a moment to break character and respond to a fan’s video on Twitter. In the video, the fan, Judit, expressed her admiration for Ripley and how she has been inspired by her in-ring skills and attitude.

Despite struggling with her English, Judit poured her heart out, calling Ripley her “inspiration” and “example to follow.” She expressed her admiration for Ripley’s wrestling prowess and thanked her for the unforgettable moments she has created in the ring. Ripley’s response was genuine and heartfelt.

She acknowledged Judit’s message with gratitude, using her own unique style of language, saying “Mami, you know,” a quirky phrase that showcases Ripley’s personality and connection with her fans. Her response was filled with appreciation and showed her humble and down-to-earth nature, breaking the barrier between her wrestling persona and her real self.

Rhea Ripley

Authenticity Unleashed: WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley and Her Profound Connection with Fans on Social Media

This genuine interaction between Ripley and her fan. It is a clear testament to the positive impact that WWE Superstars can have on their fans’ lives. Ripley’s willingness to break character and connect with her fans in such a genuine and authentic way demonstrates her humility and appreciation for her fans’ support.

Ripley’s genuine appreciation for her fans, regardless of their language or background, showcases her inclusive and accepting mindset. She recognizes the impact she has on her fans and uses her platform to spread positivity and inspire others.

However, this interaction on social media sheds light on her compassionate and humble nature outside of the wrestling ring. Ripley’s willingness to break character and show appreciation for her fans is a refreshing reminder that behind the tough exterior of WWE Superstars, there are real individuals with genuine emotions and connections with their fans.

From increased website traffic to viral social media posts, WWE is breaking barriers and empowering its Superstars to show their true selves, proving that in the ring and online, they are all beautiful in their own unique ways.


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