Watch: LA Knight savagely roasts Logan Paul before the Maverick announces his entry to WWE Money in the Bank

On the latest WWE RAW edition, fans witnessed a blockbuster announcement from the returning Logan Paul. The segment itself doesn’t contain only the announcement but also contains some incredible mic skills from La Knight. After announcing his entry in the MITB ladder match, The Youtuber got confronted by all the other members of the match.

The returning segment for the Cleveland superstars has also doubled the excitement among fans ahead of the ladder match in the upcoming premium live event.

Watch: Logan Paul receives harsh roasting from LA Knight

Logan upon this return gets a major reaction from the fans. The crowd is supporting their hometown hero until The Maverick tries to go against the crowd.

After that, The Mega-star LA Knight appeared on the scene and mocks Logan Paul by saying that he makes videos with 14 years old girls & boys and says he is a megastar. It’s better than The Youtube Sensation following the path of La Knight to become a real Mega star in the company.

Logan Paul

Before this whole confrontation, the Maverick announced his surprise entry in Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match this year. It will be interesting to see how things will turn out in the MITB ladder match now, as there are now 7 superstars battling for the right to be called as Mr. Money in the Bank 2023.

WWE fans accuse LA Knights of imitating Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

The crowd of Cleveland Ohio is happy after La Knights roasts the Youtuber. But the WWE Universe on Twitter believed that the Megastar is trying to imitate The People’s Champion The Rock. This is not the first time when fans accuse Knight of being a copy of The Hollywood star. Some fans also tweeted the same but in a positive way. A fan even commented, “The Rock vibes there. Big time.”

While another fan wrote, “He fumbled a tiny bit, but still entertaining. It’s unfair to compare him or anyone to the Rock. Rock’s delivery was something else.”

A third fan roasting LA King said, “Sorry, but LA Knight is a vanilla Rock rip-off. He is flagrantly copying Dwayne Johnson’s vocal style and physical mannerisms.”

Except for these accusations, La Knight gets a huge reaction from the crowd on both RAW & SmackDown shows. For those who are not aware, The self-claimed Mega Star is also favorable to win this year’s Money in the Bank 2023 ladder match.

There are also some ongoing rumors that, Knight will win MITB and cashes in on Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Summerslam 2023. But after the addition of Logan Paul, he is also one of the favorites to win the MITB briefcase match in the next premium live event.

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