Watch: Mavs’ Maxi Kleber’s epic game-winning buzzer-beater vs Lakers causing NBA world explodes

The Dallas Mavericks won their second game in thrilling dramatic fashion in a row against the Los Angeles Lakers at Arena last night.

The Mavericks faced fierce competition from the host but maintained a pace to keep up with them in every quarter. But in the fourth quarter, the Lakers had a two-point lead, and the Mavericks’ power forward Maxi Kleber stole the game with a buzzer-beating three-pointer.

The intensity in the last seconds was nerve-wracking as the Mavericks tried with all their hearts and souls to push the game into overtime, but when all hope seemed to diminish, they snatched the game, and the whole arena exploded at the unbelievable finish.

How has the NBA world reacted to the dramatic victory of the Dallas Mavericks?

After the 31-year-old forward scored the winning three-pointer, the fans went bonkers, and the whole arena was thundering in an ear-splitting celebration. Even the Mavericks fans couldn’t believe they could win five seconds ago.

The viewers in front of screens also couldn’t believe their eyes as Maxi pulled such a heroic stunt that could overturn all the predictions. One fan wrote on Twitter, “Maxi needs this. Dallas fans needed this. Most importantly, the team needed this in more ways than one.”

Kleber ended up scoring 10 points with four rebounds and two assists in 29 minutes, whereas another star of the last, Kyrie Irving scored 38 points with six rebounds and six assists, one of which was that venomous assist to Kleber’s clutch score after Kyrie’s mesmerizing dribbling.

After last night, the Mavericks are the sixth seed and the Lakers are the 10th seed in the Western Conference. However, the Mavericks will have to go through 11 more games to stay in the secured playoff spot.

What’s your reaction to watching Maxi Kleber’s throw beyond the arc? Can the Dallas Mavericks hold their place? Till then, stay tuned with SportsZion and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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