WATCH: Thunder rookie Chet Holmgren squares off against Suns’ ace Kevin Durant in training season ahead of NBA season

Chet Holmgren has been making waves this summer as he joins forces with basketball superstars like Kevin Durant and Trae Young in a recent energetic warm-up match. This follows a year of adversity, as the Oklahoma City Thunder’s rookie sensation Chet Holmgren had to sit out the previous season due to a debilitating foot injury.

In a spectacular showcase during the summer league, Chet Holmgren displayed his multifaceted skills, leaving basketball fans amazed. Over the course of four games, he notched up remarkable stats, averaging an impressive 16.5 points, 9.8 rebounds, 3.5 blocks, two assists, and one steal. He, however, heated a training session with some NBA superstars.

Chet Holmgren in a heated training session with Kevin Durant

The charismatic 21-year-old caught the attention of keen observers during a spirited match at Campbell High School in Los Angeles, where he fearlessly shared the court with heavyweights like Durant, Young, and Lonnie Walker IV. Holmgren’s encounters with Durant on several plays were particularly noteworthy, showcasing his mettle against one of the game’s giants.

Beyond his exhilarating summer league performances, Holmgren embraced another prestigious opportunity by donning the USA Basketball select team jersey.

As the FIBA Basketball World Cup looms, Chet Holmgren contributed significantly to the select team’s preparations, lending his prowess during practice sessions with the senior roster and even clinching victory in a couple of intense scrimmages. Holmgren’s journey has been inspiring, especially considering the hurdles he had to overcome post-injury.  Basketball Training Camp.

Chet Holmgren is not interested in winning the Rookie of the Year accolade

While Holmgren’s individual skills have undoubtedly flourished, his perspective remains firmly anchored in the collective success of the team. As he embarks on a new season, he expressed that team interest comes first, he maintained, “My focus is on helping this team win games. Awards like Rookie of the Year, and all other accolades too are not also important”. Everything else follows the team’s success.”

Chet Holmgren

As the anticipation for the upcoming season builds, Holmgren’s return to peak form has ignited optimism among fans and experts alike. The Oklahoma City Thunder can now savor the prospect of benefiting from two standout talents in the 2023 NBA Draft, with Holmgren poised to contribute significantly after overcoming his injury setback.

Basketball faithful were treated to a tantalizing preview of Holmgren’s potential during the scintillating Summer League exhibitions. However, leaving no doubt that he is primed for a standout season ahead, with his dynamic skill set and unwavering team-first mentality. Chet Holmgren is undoubtedly set to make a statement for the team and himself in the forthcoming NBA campaign.

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