Watch: WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin attempts to be a weatherman

Stone Cold Steve Austin is doing outside activities in his free time to keep him busy before WrestleMania. Recently, he performed as a weather reporter for a TV network. Afterward, the whole broadcast went viral as the WWE legend used one of his popular catchphrases to describe the climate.

Steve Austin, the American media persona, is widely recognized as one of the finest and most influential professional wrestlers of all time. Considering his accomplishments in wrestling, he is not that well-known outside of the sport.

Although he is currently quite active on the other platforms, he is doing a variety of new things in his old age. Having said that, he was recently working as a weatherman for a television network. One of the fans termed the weather “stone cold,” which quickly went viral on social media.

On the show, fans were hooked after seeing The Ringmaster, so they soon started commenting. Here are a few comments that were made after the show: “I would watch the weather channel for all eternity if he was doing the weather, lol.” one person said. “This winter the temperature is Stone Cold, and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so,” person two added. “The lack of the words ‘stone cold’ for describing some of those temperatures is disturbing.” person three commented. 

Despite his hunt for other interests, The Rattlesnake is expected to make a move at WrestleMania 39. He is still useful to the firm despite his older age; therefore, it would be a shocking move if he did not return to the big stage. Triple, as the creative director, would not want to pass up this opportunity. He is also conducting his own podcast in collaboration with the WWE to keep his name relevant and express his enthusiasm for the business by interviewing today’s superstars.


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