“We expect a lot out of Deshaun, having a full off-season under his belt”: Browns GM Andrew Berry lifts lid on his realistic demands from Deshaun Watson

The Cleveland Browns have high expectations for their quarterback, Deshaun Watson, as they head into the 2023 season. Browns General Manager Andrew Berry recently spoke about his hopes for Watson, stating that he expects a lot from him after a full off-season of preparation. 

The team’s patience through Watson’s struggles has paid off, and they are eager to see what he can do with a renewed focus and familiarity with the offense. 

During a recent appearance on ESPN Cleveland Browns General Manager Andrew Berry expressed his excitement for Deshaun Watson in 2023 after the quarterback has had a full offseason to prepare. 

Deshaun Watson

Despite Watson’s absence from the game due to his holdout, legal issues, and suspension, the Browns remained patient and understood that he would experience growing pains as he returned to the field.

What did Browns GM say about Deshaun Watson?

Berry acknowledged the expectations for Watson are high, but the team cannot predict what will happen until they’ve played some games. However, he remains optimistic about Watson’s abilities, noting he has spent a lot of time with his teammates and coaches during the offseason and has worked hard to get back to the game.

“We expect a lot out of Deshaun this year,” said Berry, adding, “I think having a full offseason under his belt, familiarity with his offensive teammates, familiarity with the playbook and the staff, plus the different things that we’ll add to the offense that really emphasize his physical skills, we think it’ll be a smooth transition.”

As the Browns prepare for the 2023 season, there is a palpable sense of excitement surrounding the team and their quarterback, Deshaun Watson. Andrew Berry’s comments about Watson’s preparation and potential have raised expectations, but the GM is also realistic about the challenges that lie ahead. 

Watson’s past controversies and high salary will undoubtedly attract scrutiny, but he is motivated to prove himself and lead the Browns to success. With a full off-season under his belt, Watson has the tools to excel, and Browns fans can’t wait to see what he’ll accomplish on the field.

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