Browns QB Deshaun Watson potentially heading for civil trial in Houston’s Lauren Baxley case

Deshaun Watson is on the road to recovery from the accusations of sexual harassment, and he may return to his career even though his most recent case hasn’t been resolved and is still pending in court.

Lone Deshaun Watson accuser to not settle lawsuit explains her decision

During his time with the Houston Texans, the quarterback was the target of 24 civil lawsuits brought on behalf of women who claimed he had assaulted them during private massage appointments. He was punished by the NFL for his misconduct with an 11-game suspension and a $5 million fine, though the player vigorously denied any wrongdoing, also confidentially resolving 23 lawsuits.

Who is Lauren Baxley?

One of many women who have accused the QB of sexual assault is licensed massage therapist Lauren Baxley, who is the subject of the QBs’ most recent harassment case. After contacting Watson through Instagram to request her massage services in June 2020, Baxley spoke out, alleging that Watson had assaulted and harassed her.

What are the allegations made by Baxley against Deshaun Watson?

The woman showed his daring and asked for a civil trial against the Browns player in Houston rather than having it resolved privately. Deshaun also rejected this claim, so Baxley must proceed to the next level. The women’s attorney, Tony Buzbee, makes a statement on their behalf.

Deshaun Watson facing 26th civil lawsuit: Plaintiff's lawyer speaks out; NFL says QB's status 'unchanged' -

“Today we filed a motion to put Lauren Baxley’s case on the trial docket, in the Houston court where it was originally filed,” the attorney stated. “All other victims in the Deshaun Watson litigation that this firm represented have settled their claims. Ms. Baxley, to her credit, has refused and wants a public trial. I intend to help give her that. She is entitled to have a trial on her claims; I will proudly present her case. Ms. Baxley has a strong case, and I encourage the internet trolls to take note as we proceed.”

The Cleveland Browns traded for the former Pro Bowler from the Houston Texans in 2022, and they later signed him to a record-breaking five-year, $230 million fully guaranteed deal. The quarterback established a record for the highest guarantee offered to an NFL player through the agreement.

Deshaun Watson reaches agreement with NFL to pay $5M fine, sit out 11 games

In his first four seasons, the 27-year-old played 54 regular-season games with the Texans and was chosen for three Pro Bowls (2018–20).

The Browns don’t expect to see DW off the field, and they are now hoping for the quarterback’s return after being relieved of all the allegations. He was a well-known quarterback for his former team, and after signing him to a record-breaking contract, they don’t expect to see him leave the field either.


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