Terrance McKinney, fellow fighters severely mock Dillon Danis over shared iMessage screenshot from Sean O’Malle

Once again Dillon Danis is the subject of debate in the whole MMA community. This time the Bellator fighter shared a screenshot of an iMessage sent to him by Sean O’Malley, resulting in the MMA community mocking him for it.

Mixed martial artists and numerous MMA fans criticized El Jefe for making a private message public. Many believe it to be a violation of privacy, while others see it to be Dillon’s attempt to remain current.  Some of the most interesting comments from the tweet are shared below. 

How did the MMA community react to the Dillon Danis tweet?

UFC lightweight fighter, Terrance McKinney took a harsh jab at Danis by saying, “What’s crazy is you paid someone to make this.”

“The desperation to be relevant by you is startling. “Jono said. 

A verified page of Royalty Boxing expressed their annoyance at sucha silly act by saying, “Ngl bro you ruined yo career used to be a hyped up prospect but you ain’t no more.”

“The one time Dillion checks his phone and it’s not Gordon Ryan on his post or dm’s.” Michael Ruiz said. 

Paul Michael also mocked Danis by saying, “Dildo also sent 46 messages to himself to make it seem like people actually hit him up.”

“How does he still have a career? Literally chickened out in the end moment against a YouTuber.” said another user.

Jason Funk also mocked El Jefe for publishing a private conversation as he said, “Notice he ain’t post this lmao respect to him but then u show him no respect by posting private convo smh.”

“LOL why would he want to check in, I’m sure Suga Sean walking around worried about you having a problem. He would separate you from consciousness in less then a minute if he so desired.” said Caleb.

What do you think about Dillon Danis tweeting a screenshot of a message from Sean O’Malley? Comment below and let us know what you think. 

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