“We would all be in trouble” Novak Djokovic once thanked Lewis Hamilton for his decision to pursue career in F1 over tennis

Novak Djokovic knows a fair bit about following one’s passion, succeeding at it and creating a lasting legacy in one’s sport of choice. After all, it is not without work that the Serb has become the leader in the list of grand slam titles in the Open Era.

His rivalries with some of the best in tennis have enthralled fans worldwide and he has acknowledged rivals’ quality and prowess in challenging his performance on the court. The 36-year-old had kind words to share when another sporting legend showcased his childhood photo.

Novak Djokovic thanked Lewis Hamilton for one major decision

Lewis Hamilton is an F1 legend. His accomplishments in racing are without doubt one of the best, perhaps on par with Michael Schumacher and Nikki Lauda. When the Brit racer posted a photo of himself as a child, he got a lot of responses from various sportsmen. Among them, Novak Djokovic’s comments showcased the Serb’s admiration for Hamilton.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Novak Djokovic shared words of esteem in the comments section of Lewis Hamilton’s photo. He wrote, “It’s good that you chose motorsports instead of tennis, otherwise we would all be in trouble”.

Both Djokovic and Hamilton are at the top of their respective sports. Their careers also are following the same direction, with Hamilton’s dominance threatened by Max Verstappen and Djokovic’s authority being toppled by Carlos Alcaraz.

The pair of esteemed athletes have not met personally but have however talked much about each other’s successes. Hamilton once offered his opinion on Novak Djokovic in an interview when quizzed about the tennis great.

Lewis Hamilton once called Novak Djokovic the ‘best’

Lewis Hamilton sat down for an interview with Sky Sports in 2016 when Novak Djokovic was 29 years old and was dominating the tennis circuit.

Novak Djokovic and Lewis Hamilton, via TheSportsRush

When quizzed on how he could get better as a driver, Hamilton referenced Djokovic as an elite sportsman who elevated his game continuously.

“If you look at [Novak] Djokovic, he’s the best at the moment, but I bet you any money he has small weaknesses every now and then and he’ll probably work and train on those to make those stronger. And by raising those, others fall down,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton further talked about his strategy to improve his game by pursuing a path similar to Novak’s and termed him the “best” in the process. Novak has since gone to 12 grand slam titles, including three this year alone, after that interview.

Djokovic’s fans are worldwide and span different domains and his candidacy for the GOAT of tennis has never held more intensity and volume owing to his achievements in recent years at such a late age.

What are your opinions on Novak and Hamilton’s mutual acknowledgement of their legacy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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