What are Bills’ possible options for Stefon Diggs amid trade rumors?

Four years ago today, the Buffalo Bills signed the talented WR Stefon Diggs. However, whether he will continue with the team even for one more season has become uncertain. 

The wide receiver’s four-year contract with the Bills has ended exactly today and now both parties have to make a difficult decision about how they want to move forward. 

Bills’ potential options for Stefon Diggs future explained

The Buffalo Bills are undergoing a major transformation, like many other NFL teams, by releasing and signing new players. The team has already released six veterans to get cap-compliant.

Amid these changes, Stefon Diggs has been quiet about his future with the team. The WR had some troubles with the Bills which could influence his decision.

Stefon Diggs
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The team has multiple options, including trading the WR before his salary becomes guaranteed. But trading him before June 1 would trigger a cap charge of $31.096 million. His $18.5 million salary for 2024 becomes fully guaranteed this weekend. Diggs has a 2024 cap number of $27.854 million. 

The team could cut him before it becomes guaranteed or let it become guaranteed and then trade him post-June. In that case, the team would take a cap charge of $8.849 million this year and $22.247 million in 2025. 

Another and possibly the best option the team has is to restructure the contract of Stefon Diggs and keep him. On X, Thomas DeLaus also emphasized that there is no way the team would decide to release the WR.

Stefon Diggs is considered one of the best WRs in the league, with an average of 160 targets every year. There is no way the Bills will let go of such a talented player.

It is widely believed that the team will likely continue with Stefon Diggs instead of releasing him, but other options are still valid, and they can opt for whichever they want.

Stefon Diggs’ stats after four years with Bills

During his four-year tenure with the Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs played a total of 66 games and ranked first among the other WRs.

For receiving yards, he ranks 4th with 5,372 and 1st with 445 receptions, according to ESPN. The WR ranks 19th for targets per game with a total of 12.1 and for receiving touchdowns, he ranks 4th with a total of 37.

Despite suffering injuries, Stefon Diggs has been an impeccable part of the team. Releasing him and then trying to find the same level of replacement before the new season starts will become highly difficult for the Bills. 

Regardless, the final decision will be up to the team whether they want to trade him before June, after that, or continue with the wide receiver. But they will need to decide within this week before his money becomes guaranteed. 

What do you think will be the final decision of the Buffalo Bills? Let us know in the comments.

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