GeorgeNotFound sexual assault scandal prompted MrBeast to withdraw Twitch streamer from Feastables ad

In March 2024, the Minecraft community was rocked by a major incident involving GeorgeNotFound. Caitibugzz, a popular Twitch streamer, shared a heartfelt livestream detailing a troubling encounter with a prominent content creator. Although Caitibugzz didn’t directly name the individual, online evidence strongly pointed towards GeorgeNotFound, sparking a heated debate within the Minecraft streaming sphere.

The news of the incident involving GeorgeNotFound quickly spread throughout the gaming community. Caitibugzz’s livestream on March 10th, where she described being targeted by an “older” content creator, sent shockwaves through the community. Following GeorgeNotFound’s social media post on March 11th, which seemed to confirm his involvement, speculation turned into reality, causing a stir among Minecraft fans worldwide.

MrBreast removed GeorgeNotFound amid SA controversy

In a recent brand collaboration involving Jimmy “MrBeast” and his chocolate-making company Feastables, Minecraft creator George “GeorgeNotFound” appears to have been left out. This move comes in the wake of allegations of misconduct against George by fellow streamer Caitibugzz.

MrBreast removed GeorgeNotFound amid SA controversy.
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Reports suggest that George was initially part of a group photo alongside Jimmy’s team members. However, Feastables later updated their official account by removing George from the original post, as seen in comparisons of before and after images.

GeorgeNotFound breaks the silence on his SA scandal.

MrBeast’s Feastables is a standout among creator-founded companies today, joining the ranks of other notable ventures like Prime Hydration by JJ “KSI” and Logan Paul, as well as Myna’s Midnight Cookies by Imane “Pokimane.” Despite its prominence, Feastables has chosen to distance itself from the recent controversy involving GeorgeNotFound.

Last week, the company shared a series of photos featuring MrBeast holding the Feastables bar alongside his close friends and fellow creators, including Chandler Hallow, Nolan Hansen, and Karl Jacobs. Initially, GeorgeNotFound was part of these images, but the company decided to remove him following recent allegations.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, the allegations stemmed from a 19-year-old streamer, Caitibugzz, accusing GeorgeNotFound of inappropriate behaviour during a hotel room encounter when she was 18 and intoxicated.

George has responded to these allegations, initially claiming he was unaware of Caitibugzz’s age at the time. However, he later posted a follow-up expressing regret for any unintended harm caused and offering his apologies:

“I have much more I will say, but for now, Caiti, I am sorry. I am so sorry. I really hope you can hear my words and try to understand that I did not have any bad intentions.”

Recently, MrBeast rebranded Feastables as “the best-tasting chocolate ever made by mankind,” which has resonated well with fans. Updates from the YouTuber have shown that the chocolates have quickly sold out in major stores like Walmart, marking a successful rebranding effort.


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