Antonio Brown’s public meltdown sheds light on Stefon Diggs’ troubling situation with the Bills: “Get the F*** out”

A matter of miscommunication can create a great setback between a player and his team’s front office that sometimes results in a divorce between the two parties as the NFL world witnessed in the case of Aaron Rodgers, Antonio Brown, and others. Recently Bills’ wide receiver Stefon Diggs is also a name on the list though he is still on the teams’ roster.

However, both cases lead the NFL world to draw a link between them, and NFL Insider Mike Florio showed an intriguing comparison between the Bills and former Bucs players.

Stefon Diggs’ situation resembles Antonio Brown’s incident

Amid much controversy with his COVID-19 status, Brown created another string incident during a game with the New York Jets as he threw off his helmet, pads, and undershirt and dashed off the field in the middle of the game.

The Buccaneer’s coach Bruce Arians always believes in a “one chance” rule, hence just four days after the incident, the Buccaneers terminated his contract with them. However, later the player blamed Arians for firing him after telling the head coach that he could not return to the game due to his ankle.

“I didn’t quit. I was cut. I didn’t walk away from my brothers. I was thrown out. Being fired on the sideline for having a painful injury was bad enough. Then came their ‘spin’. The coach denied on national television that he knew about my ankle. That’s 100% inaccurate,” he said in a statement, released via his attorney Sean Burstyn.

Bruce also provided a statement denying all the claims against him after the release.

“We have attempted, multiple times throughout the week, to schedule an evaluation by an outside orthopedic specialist, yet Antonio has not complied,” the Buccaneers added. “Maintaining the health and wellness of our players is of the utmost importance to our organization.”

Like Antonio, the Bills player Diggs is also having the same period of miscommunication with his team and he publicly expressed his dissatisfaction which started from the game against the Bengals as the Bills player was much frustrated with Josh Allen and the offense. Later, he was spotted yelling at Allen. However, according to Mike, the two incidents are in the same boat that he related on the Rich Eisen Show.

Following the game, the wide receiver left the locker room before the coaches got there, perhaps he still feels much pain for the loss as Stefon missed the team’s mandatory minicamp Tuesday hinting at a fiery relationship with his team.

Diggs’ complicated future with the Bills unlike Antonio Brown

Though the case of the two players is somehow the same as both of them raised their voices with their frustration,  yet the consequences were far more different. Brown was immediately cut from the Buccaneers’ roster just a few days after he expressed his dissatisfaction with the team’s front office Florio stated on his show.

“Remember when AB (Antonio Brown) quit on the Bucs and we thought he just stormed off. And then we found out Bruce Arians told him to get the F out,” Florio said.

However, probably the luck of Stephon will not see the same result as he is under contract with the team through 2027 after signing a contract extension last offseason, so if he remains idle for the whole season, he will have to bear a loss of $33.6 Million as he has already received it from the team.

Wallace: Stefon Diggs reminds me of Antonio Brown

Though the period of enmity and frustration between Antonio and the Bucs team has concluded following his dismissal from the team, Stefon Diggs is in much trouble due to his contract with the team which led the wide receiver to be on the team’s roster, yet with a gloomy heart.

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