“Absolutely disgusting”: Fans lash out at F1 official account for “inappropriate” n*de posting

Alfa Romeo F1 driver Valtteri Bottas can not stop expressing his Finnish culture; this time, it’s a*s on the line. Pun absolutely intended. This is not the first time F1 driver Valtteri Bottas has expressed himself on camera as it started in the series Drive To Survive on Netflix in a Sauna scene where Bottas was present with his friend. 

The Finn raised 50.000 euros using one of the bare-body photos he posted on Instagram. Lewis Hamilton, his ex-teammate, said, “I would, yeah, for charity, for sure. I didn’t even know it was up for sale, but I think it’s a great photo. It’s one of the best photos I’ve seen, actually” about the photo below. 

F1 posts n*de of Valtteri Bottas

F1 recently reposted the photo by Valtteri Bottas, which he has shared on both Instagram and Twitter simultaneously. The driver is seen to be enjoying summer days and the lovely sun in his hometown. 

His wife had taken the photo, and she was the one who had taken the previous photos as well. Valtteri has talked about how supportive his wife is and how she understands the Finnish culture very well.

Fans slam official account for indecent activities

While some fans find it inappropriate, others understand and respect the Finnish culture. One fan said this about the Finnish culture and how it is completely normal for them to be naked around each other, as they don’t categorize nudity as something we should be ashamed of.

“In Finland, we consider nudity normal and not erotic per sé. Nudity and nakedness are considered the default state of human beings, and every Finnish boy and girl have seen their dad and mom naked since childhood, and also their brothers and sisters. It is just so everyday thing. It doesn’t cause arousal.”

The internet has coughed up countless memes as well regarding Bottas’s nudity, with F1 reserve driver Daniel Riccardo being the first one to say, “I guess it’s the birth of Bottass. Dammit, we’re immature 😄 All I’d recommend is a tan. Was sunglasses sorta stuff. Otherwise, fair play, lad.”

While other Instagram users commented, 

“Valtteri, please stop. My mom uses this app” 

“BotAss is back baby😂”

F1 drivers rarely open up about their lives to the general public, but Valtteri Bottas has completely squashed that statement with his buttock and we hope the F1 driver remains this candid all his career. 


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