What happened between Patrick Mahomes and Bengals? beef explained

Patrick Mahomes is a 27 years old football player who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs as their quarterback. The NFL star started his journey as a professional footballer through the 2017 NFL draft and it didn’t take long for him to showcase his inner potential. The player is a two-time Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, NFL MVP, and much more than what his name can suggest.

Well, it is obvious a burgeoning fame attracts red eyes of criticism too apart from thousands of rounds of applause from fans and well-wishers. And such is the case which happened during a pre-match between Bengals and Chiefs, when Cincinnati Mayor commented something absurd about the rising legend.

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What did the Bengals Mayor say about Patrick Mahomes?

Some craziest NFL fans live on football and sometimes the craziness crosses its limit. Take the example of Cincinnati’s Mayor, Aftab Pureval. Before the Bengals vs. Chiefs game, he used his Twitter account to praise his supporting team while taunting the Kansas City Chief in a video that reads “WHO DEY proclamation”.

In the beginning, it was tolerable, and then came the fiery comment which sparked criticism of the mayor’s behaviors across the country especially among Chief’s fans.

Aftab mentioned his desire to ask the Bengal quarterback Joe Burrow to take a paternity test to get confirmation of the fact whether he is Mahomes’s dad.

In the sporting world, Daddy is meant to express a team’s dominance over the other. And by calling Burrow Patrick’s dad, he meant to belittle the player and his team followed by their defect against the Cincinnati Bengals. At that time, When Mayer made such a statement, his beloved team was moving forward vigorously through wins in a row. So, he was literally an enthusiast and couldn’t control his desire to eulogize the team and its dominance over the opponent by using mean comments.

How did Patrick Mahomes respond?

As usual, the Kansas City star was very calm against the mayor’s taunts. And during the post-game conference followed by the Chief’s win over the Bengals in a 23-20 game, he mentioned that he and his team just wanted to play well and show their real worth.

And as an overall reaction to the issue, Patrick said, “I understand he’s the mayor of Cincinnati, so he has gotta think about something.”

“They beat us last time and were talking about how we gotta play them, there was a lot of stuff.”

“It’s something where you have just gotta play the football game and let your play do the talking.”

Patrick’s action has been appreciated in the sporting world and among his fans as he sticks to his game and focused on giving answers to the taunts through his performance.

Who is Patrick Mahomes’s father?

Patrick Mahomes Sr. is the NFL star’s father and he is a pitcher in Major League Baseball.

Moreover, He is a very supportive man and a father to Patrick. After the Cheifs defeated the Bengals this proud father came to celebrate with his boy and his teammates.

Furthermore, he did not come empty-handed and brought premium Cuban cigars to celebrate their victory which symbolized revenge over the Bengals who also celebrated the same way in their previous year’s AFC Championship victory over their arch nemesis the Kansas City Chiefs,

Patrick Mahomes' father

What is Patrick Mahomes’ net worth in 2023?

Patrick Mahomes over the years have worked extremely hard and gone past his potential to become one of the greatest QBs in the league.

Earlier in 2018 his net worth was $28 Million and over the course of 5 years he has grown his empire with different contracts and businesses. As of 2023, Patrick Mahomes’s net worth is around $40 million.

A massive $12 million raise was achieved by this young and fantastic Chiefs quarterback bringing him to the limelight and opening a gate that allowed people like the Bengals mayor to make fun of him. 

Even though Cincinnati’s Mayor criticized and trolled Mahomes, it only showcased Patricks’ rise to the top which can also be highlighted by the massive support he got from his fans. Yet the move from the Cincinnati Mayor was childish, to say the least. 

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