What happened between Tom Brady And Tyrann Mathieu? Super Bowl on-air confrontation explained

Super Bowl is an occasion of football festivals for NFL enthusiasts who adjust their binocular-like eyes during the match and keeps track of every incident. And it is obvious as the ground of the Super Bowl is a highly unexpected place that is filled with twists and turns.

And during such a Super Bowl match, Tom Brady and his former fellow player Tyrann Mathieu were seen having a stressful conversation that later created headlines.

So, let’s explore the Super Bowl on-air confrontation between Brady and Mathiew.

Who is Tyrann Mathieu?

Saints' Tyrann Mathieu comes full circle against Cardinals team that took a  chance on him

Tyrann Mathieu is a professional football player who is currently engaged with New Orleans Saints. He made his college debut with LSU. Through the 2013 NFL draft, he stepped into the ground and soon emerged as a star player of the league.

What happened between Tom Brady and Tyrann Mathieu?

During Super Bowl LV, an unwanted event took place between the two players. At that time Tyrann was part of the Kansas City Chiefs and playing against Tom Brady’s Buccaneers. At the end of the first half, Tom and Tyrann were seen having an altercation. This incident is one of the unsolved mysteries of NFL history which still arouses curiosity in people’s minds.

The accurate reasons that led to a fiery conversation are still in the dark as both of the players requested the authority not to share the audio of the altercation. But a range of notable steps was taken by the players after the event took place which indicates the depth of the situation.

Well, it is still unknown what words were exchanged between the two as both of the parties remained silent on giving details of their chaotic conversations.

However, it was later reported that Tom Brady sent a test message to Tyrann and asked for an apology the next day after the incident. The legendary QB also mentioned that if necessary he would even ask for an in-person apology from his opponent.

When it comes to Mathieu, he first uploaded a tweet as a reaction where he said, “He called me something I won’t repeat…..” but deleted shortly. Later, he expressed how he admired Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback of all time and that whatever had happened between them wouldn’t affect his feelings towards him.

Did Tom Brady win that Super Bowl Match?

The Super Bowl LV trophy went to Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a 31-9 game and Tom Brady once again wore the crown of victory.

Well, engaging in beef during a game isn’t an uncommon scenario but the culture of cultivating an environment of mutual respect is very important. And the altercation between Brady and Mathieu is a perfect example of that.

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