What happened to Joe Burrow in Bengals training? Examining the QB’s physical condition

Joe Burrow, the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals was carted off the field during a recent practice session. As the 2023 NFL season draws near the teams are busy in practice sessions in an attempt to make sure they give their best and stand out in the league. However, sudden injuries can become a setback not only for the player but also for the team.

Joe Burrow from whom the team has high expectations was also participating but got hurt during the recent practice session. The quarterback was unable to keep his knee straight and was taken from the field in a cart.

Joe Burrow ends up in stretchers in Bengals training

Burrow participated in a training session of the Bengals this Thursday. During the game, the quarterback suddenly started limping. He tried to hop on his left foot to protect his right leg.

Joe Burrow

He couldn’t put pressure on his right foot as he had a sleeve on his calf. The quarterback was taken from the field in a cart. The situation got tense with this sudden mishap. 

Ja’Marr Chase, Bengals’ wide receiver, assured everyone that Burrow is a strong guy and will be okay. “We always give each other that nod,” Chase said. “He gave me a nod he’s all right. He’s a strong dude.”

Later, it was confirmed that the quarterback suffered a right calf strain.

Injury update on the QB

When Joe Burrow was taken from the field, the team didn’t share any details about what had happened to the quarterback. However, later it was confirmed that he suffered a right calf strain and will be further tested.

It is still not confirmed how long the quarterback will take to recover. But as he is the primary quarterback of the team, the Bengals will need to do something about the situation. 

Joe Burrow

The backup of Joe Burrow could be Trevor Siemian who is the Bengals’ second-string quarterback. He has signed a one-year deal with the team. Until Burrow recovers, he could help the team during the practice sessions. 

But the best thing for the team will probably be the fast recovery of Burrow. He should also be able to join the team during the practice sessions in an attempt at keeping the spirits high. However, he should take his time with recovery as rushing things could end up making things worse for himself and the team.

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