What happened to Sonya Deville following gun charges earlier this year?

Daria Rae Berenato, also known as Sonya Deville, is a fan favorite WWE wrestler. Sonya is a professional wrestler who performed under both the Raw and SmackDown brands of WWE and has maintained a vast following due to her style and charisma, which continued to impress fans.

The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion was arrested earlier this year, in February for carrying a firearm without a legal permit. Following that incident, the superstar was seen less in the spotlight but recently there’s been an update on her charges.

What happened to Sonya Deville following gun charges?

In early 2023, Sonya Deville was one of the toughest female wrestlers in the company. During a match with Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez, she teamed up with Chelsea Green to showcase her skills and expertise as a wrestler. In that match, Sonya and Chelsea won the Women’s Tag Team Championship as well as the respect of fellow wrestlers for their professional performances.

On February 19, Deville was arrested by law enforcement for illegal possession of a firearm without any sort of permit in the state of New Jersey. Although the handgun was legally purchased and registered in the state of Florida, it did not have a permit for another state. The firearm was discovered by a valet employee at an Atlantic City casino-hotel.

In recent news, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office revealed that Sonya dealt with the charge in late November by completing a full six-month pretrial intervention program.

Source: Twitter/X

A post on Twitter/X explained the situation read, “After she was arrested back in February for unlawful possession of a weapon after a valet employee found a gun in her vehicle at an Atlantic City casino-hotel, WWE’s Sonya Deville has resolved the charge by completing six months in a pretrial intervention program in late November, according to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. Thus entering the new year without the shadow of a gun charge over her head.”

When will Sonya Deville return to WWE programming?

The master of ‘Triangle Armbar’ Sonya Deville has had a good run since her debut on WWE. The superstar suffered from a torn ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) after a week of winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. She injured her left knee during a match against Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair on SmackDown. The injury required her to get a surgery, which is a 7 or 8 months process, this lead to the superstar going on a hiatus for a time until she fully recovered.

On August 8, the superstar addressed her fans from her official Twitter/x account and gave a update on her injury. She said, “What’s up guys. So obviously the Tag Team Titles are cursed. I’m just kidding, but not really. I will be out for an extended period of time due to the fact that I have to get surgery tomorrow. I love you guys, I wanted to thank you guys for all of your support, and tell you that I am going to be back sooner rather than later I’m going to be ready to put my hair up and square up.”

Later in early November the superstar shared a TikTok video of her training and how her rehabilitation was progressing. The clip showed the superstar doing a lot of exercises that will slowly rejuvenate her knee and slowly built the strength necessary for her future comeback.

Source: TikTok

WWE universe is eagerly waiting for Sonya Deville to make her return, as she gradually recovers fans hope to see the superstar in future premium events of WWE and hopes that the 30-years-old will get another title shot match after her return.


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