Bianca Belair’s impending gimmick change to make her a bigger draw than Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch

In the ever-so-exciting realm of WWE, where legends are born and rivalries ignite, a rising star seems ready to claim her spot at the top. Bianca Belair, with a fire burning in her veins and an unyielding desire for greatness, is on the verge of a transformative gimmick change that will catapult her above the likes of Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

Belair startled the WWE Fans by pledging not to interfere in Asuka’s affairs during an exciting episode of Friday Night SmackDown. She had been told by Adam Pearce that a rematch for the WWE women’s championship was already scheduled for Asuka.

Belair’s title run soured with the fans resulting in Puerto Rico fans heckling

However, the plot thickened when Charlotte Flair brazenly interrupted the title presentation, challenging Asuka to a match. The challenge was promptly accepted, setting the stage for a showdown on the June 30 episode of SmackDown, just one night before the highly anticipated Money in the Bank event in London.

This unexpected turn of events has left Belair seething with frustration. The fans, once fervently supportive of her title reign, have grown disillusioned, leading to jeers and heckling, even in Puerto Rico. Belair must now undergo a significant change in personality as she harnesses her rage and lets it all out in order to become the division’s undisputed leader.

While Babyface Belair was undeniably captivating, the WWE Universe is now clamoring for a fully emboldened version of Belair, one who is fed up with being overlooked and ready to kick ass and take names as a top-tier heel in the division.

Bayley, who has already proven her ability to draw massive TV ratings when given the right push, would likely be a great fit for the often lackluster Raw Women’s division. Her arrival on Raw could inject a much-needed spark into the feuds that have grown stale on Monday nights.

“The EST” needs character overhaul which WWE corresponds to in the previous SmackDown show

With Belair now reigning as the SmackDown Women’s Champion and being groomed as the next big thing in WWE, the presence of Bayley on the blue brand has become redundant.

Whereas, “The EST of WWE” herself is in dire need of a character overhaul, and it seems WWE is well aware of this. Bayley’s previous success on SmackDown aligns nicely with the transformation Belair is about to undergo, setting the stage for a captivating clash between the two formidable competitors.

Furthermore, Bayley’s departure from her seemingly never-ending feud with Sasha Banks is long overdue. While Banks thrives as a versatile tweener character, Bayley’s true essence lies in her ability to portray a convincing heel, a role that Raw desperately lacks.

With Charlotte Flair dominating the spotlight all too often, it becomes increasingly challenging for other female stars to break through. This situation might change as a result of Bayley’s entry, offering fresh chances for up-and-coming talent.

Bianca’s stardom is yet to manifest despite the stacked WWE resume

Belair’s journey in WWE has been one of breaking barriers and defying expectations. As a Black woman in the industry, she continues to shatter glass ceilings. She has amassed a resume that is incredible, to say the least, from becoming the second African American wrestler to win the Women’s Royal Rumble, “The EST of WWE” reigns supreme.

Bianca’s also managed to compete in the main event of WrestleMania and win the SmackDown Women’s Title. Bianca Belair firmly believes in staying true to oneself and giving everything you have, never compromising for the sake of the craft.


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