Power struggle in WWE and UFC after Endeavor merger: Are Dana White and Vince McMahon still the owners?

The realm of combat sports has always been known for its uncertainties, where friends can turn into foes, and promotions can rise or fall in a blink of an eye. The fight sports community was taken aback by the recent announcement that Dana White and his UFC’s parent company, Endeavor, acquired 51% of WWE’s shares.

This unexpected merger has raised questions about how it will impact the operational procedures of both promotions and whether the owners, Dana White and Vince McMahon, will retain their positions.

The combination of the UFC and WWE, the world’s two largest combat sports companies, for a stunning $21.4 billion merger has many fans in amazement. It is expected that ‘NewCo’ will take advantage of opportunities from both WWE and UFC to grow revenue. This merger, however, raises concerns about how the two promotions will work together and whether they will overlap.

Dana White

Dana White vs Vince McMahon: Inside the Turbulent Relationship and the Future of Combat Sports Crossover

Dana White confessed to a less-than-pleasant experience at WrestleMania 34, where he didn’t have the best relationship with WWE officials. White has also been known to have differences with the McMahon family and Triple H, which has led to speculation about potential clashes of ideas in a crossover scenario.

However, White confirmed that there will be no overlap between the two promotions and that they will function separately under the same organization.

While the operational structure of the promotions may remain unchanged, the power structure in the newly formed ‘NewCo’ will see some significant alterations. However, Dana White has no reason to worry as he will retain his position as the UFC President.

Similarly, WWE President Nick Khan will also continue in his role, as confirmed by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel in a recent interview with CNBC.

Clash of Titans: The Intriguing Power Dynamic in the NewCo Merger of UFC and WWE with Vince McMahon at the Helm

The most intriguing development in the power structure of ‘NewCo’ is the role of Vince McMahon, the former WWE CEO. McMahon will be the organization’s Executive Chairman, making him the second most influential person behind Emanuel.

In addition, McMahon may have a role in UFC-related issues since NewCo is now part of the UFC, where McMahon has a higher position than White.

The implications of this power dynamic are yet to be seen, and fans are divided in their opinions about the merger. While some view it as a chance for UFC and WWE to expand and collaborate, others are concerned about future disagreements and clashes of ideas between the two enterprises.

Whether Dana White and Vince McMahon will still control their respective promotions after the Endeavor merger will probably be determined by the outcome of this power struggle in combat sports.

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