What is Contract Restructure in the NFL? explaining Bengals’ RB Joe Mixon’s decision to stay in Cincinnati

As the regular season is approaching soon, the contract negotiations rule of the NFL has risen as a much talked about agenda in which now the Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon has listed his name in a befitting manner.

Growing under the Bengals’ wings since his draft pick in 2017 with the team, the Bengals’ running back has always seemingly remained active for their best interest. Now he is heading to a new contract with the Bengals to hopefully sustain his past glory with an uncompromising attitude.

What is Contract Restructure in the NFL? explained

The NFL has many rules governing a team’s players and coaches, but the restructure rule simplifies a team’s salary cap situation by turning base pay or a roster bonus into a signing bonus.

The agreement varies depending on what the teams decide. When this happens, the player receives the maximum amount of savings possible without having to add years to their contract.

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Many teams also employ straightforward restructuring to change payments into adjusted signing bonuses that still fall within the terms of the rest of the contract. Whatever the arrangement, the NFL team that implements the rule sometimes finds that it has insufficient cap flexibility and requires some room.

Bengals’ RB Joe Mixon to remain with team following contact restructure agreement

With his six seasons in Cincinnati, Mixon was seemingly always in a rush to raise the sunken hope of the squad while showing his ‘uncompromising’ attitude to them. The 26-year-old ran both ‘upward and downward’ for the first two-thirds of his 2017–2022 career and has spent his entire NFL career with the Bengals.

His injury-plagued and inconsistent career, additionally his “aggravated menacing,” case gave the Cincy a second thought on their veteran player. Though at a time it appeared as if the door of Cincinnati was going to be closed, the team seems to have taken a back step in their decision.

Adam Schefter reported that the Bengals are concluding a reorganization agreement to keep Joe on their roster for the 2023 campaign. A four-year, $48 million contract with the running back was about to start its third year. This season, he was due a base salary of $9.4 million, which was not guaranteed.

As the Bengals’ player already stated his desire to clinch the Super Bowl title for the Cincy, his agent Peter Schaffer sees it as a great opportunity to satisfy his Super Bowl thirst.

“Joe’s goal is to win a Super Bowl and play his career in Cincinnati and this is the best way to accomplish these goals,” said Peter Schaffer.

The Bengals facilitated the running back in satisfying his NFL dream and as now his career is plagued by ups and downs, they again have stretched their helping hand for them. Now it remains to be seen if he can justify their trust in him.


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