After former Eagles S C.J. Gardner-Johnson, TE Dallas Goedert pins Super Bowl LVII loss vs Chiefs on field conditions

Super Bowl LVII showcased a thrilling showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, with the Chiefs taking the Lombardi trophy on February 12 at State Farm Stadium in Arizona. The NFL was heavily criticized by the Eagles fans and players repeatedly over time for poor field conditions in the aftermath of the match and Philly tight end Dallas Goedert is the latest one on the list.

Following Kansas City’s win, the Eagles DE Brandon Graham said Patrick Mahomes’ squad was “blessed” to get a favorable pitch. Ex-Eagles safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson frequently blamed the field for his former team’s defeat, albeit the NFL remained adamant about defending themselves.

Eagles TE Dallas Goedert blames Super Bowl defeat to Chiefs on slippery field

During a recent appearance on Pardon My Takes, Goedert was asked whether “The Sodfather” (the turf) had any role in their defeat against the Chiefs. He didn’t halt back from dropping a truth bomb saying the turf didn’t work in their favor and adding a better turf would result in a 10/10 outcome for their team,

“Man, the Sodfather did not do good. But he knew what he was doing. All I can say is it was a great game ’til the end. If the field was better, if we were playing on turf, I take us 10 (times) out of 10.”

The TE mentioned how the players were struggling on the slippery field and wished the Eagles to prove their worth on the field in the upcoming season,

“But I have to say that. There was a lot of people slipping, you can’t make that up. But we played on the same one (as the Chiefs). I hope we get back and can play on good turf next year.”

NFL accused Eagles, Chiefs players for slippery Super Bowl pitch

The pitch condition of the field in the final match of the Eagles vs Chiefs was blamed by many fans and analysts as a potential reason behind Philly’s loss. The players of both teams were struggling for grip, resulting in a lot of slipping and sliding. Besides this, the lack of traction caused huge problems for Philadelphia’s defense.

Nevertheless, Dov Kleiman of ProFootballTalk earlier said the NFL isn’t ready to take any blame on themselves.

He tweeted saying a league source informed the league has privately put all blame at the feet of the players. They marked the players not wearing the right cleats or footwear during the match as the actual reason behind their struggle on the field.

Ex-Eagles S C.J. Gardner-Johnson also had an issue with the Super Bowl field

Gardner-Johnson noticed Kleiman’s tweet and he visibly didn’t like the NFL’s out-of-the-blue blame on his ex-team. The league spent $800,000 on developing the turf instead of choosing original grass like the Arizona Cardinals use on their home field.

The ex-Philly star took to Twitter to defend Philly saying the Eagles’ D-line would “smash” Mahomes‘ squad if they played the match again on “legit grass.”

“Run that bowl back on legit grass, the Dline SMASH that Oline I’m sorry,” C.J. Tweeted.

The safety also retweeted the NFL insider’s tweet with a comment saying he changed three cleats during pregame warmups. Nevertheless, it didn’t work in his favor and even the pair with the studs didn’t show a favorable outcome.

The football world is set to witness another potentially thrilling match between the Eagles and the Chiefs in a Monday Night Football matchup on November 27.

Who do you think will win the game? You can share your opinions with us in the comments.


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