What is NBA’s new CBA? Looking at new in-season tournament, salary cap updates and more

The NBA and National Basketball Players Association agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) which will add new dimensions to the sport itself and to the players. This written legal paper concerning the players and NBA will come to terms with issues concerning salary, hours, and the rules and regulations.

With the new bargaining agreement making its place in the basketball era, the players are expecting this to be a friendly approach to their sporting profession.

So, let’s have a look at some of the most important parts of the new CBA including the NBA In-Season tournament and salary cap adjustments.

NBA In-Season tournament a reality

For years, there were discussions, arguments, and counter-arguments over the issue of in-season tournaments which is finally becoming a reality with the new NBA CBA.

In 2019, the Commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver spoke out about introducing the system and since then unending talks were on their way and it is finally taking place.

  • What is the NBA In-Season Tournament?

In this new process, 30 NBA teams will take part in the game and there will be one winner among them at the end of each tournament. A total of eight teams will make it to the single-elimination round after playing several pool-play games.


From these eight teams will march forward toward the single elimination rounds; the other twenty-two will prepare themselves for their regular games.

Only two will make it to the final and battle for the ultimate champion trophy. And this is how the procedure will take place.

  • When is the NBA In-Season Tournament?

First of all, pool-play games will take place which are expected to begin in November this year and the other games will happen subsequently.

Moreover, the NBA regular season for 2023-2024 is about to start in October of this year.

Regulations regarding Salary Cap

Over the years, there had been a dramatic shift in the salary cap of the NBA players. It enabled some players to enjoy the benefits of a skyrocketed increase in the salary cap from one season to another.

As a result, to make the whole path of the transition peaceful, the new CBA is focusing on maintaining the huge jump in salary from one season to the next which will eventually come into effect from the upcoming TV deal.

What are your thoughts on the NBA’s new CBA? You can share your opinion in the comments. 

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