What Joey Porter Jr’s dad told him after getting passed on in round one of NFL Draft?

Joey Porter Jr. was among the hopeful football players who attended the 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City. His expectation of being drafted was not met as his name was not called during the first round, leaving him and three others stranded in the Green Room.

This was understandably an emotional moment for the former Penn State defensive back. However, his father, former NFL linebacker, and Pittsburgh Steelers legend, Joey Porter Sr., was there to console him and provide an encouraging message captured by NFL Films.

Porter Sr. conveyed to his son that there was nothing like motivation, and he encouraged his son to use this experience as a driving force to work harder.

He acknowledged that being passed over in the draft was beyond their control, but it was something they could use as motivation to prove themselves to be worthy. He advised his son to follow his lead and work harder to achieve their goals.

Porter Sr. reminded his son that he had always prepared him for any eventuality and that anything could happen in drafts. However, he encouraged him to use this experience as a catalyst to motivate himself to a higher level. He urged his son to take it personally and prove that he was worthy of being drafted, emphasizing that they had something to prove.


This uplifting message from a father to his son is a reminder that sometimes, the disappointments we face can be used to fuel our drive to succeed.

Joey Porter Jr joined Pittsburgh Steelers 

Joey Porter Jr

The Pittsburgh Steelers picked him up as the 32nd overall pick, which held a special significance for Porter Jr. and his family as the same franchise had drafted his father 24 years earlier. 

In his first press conference as a Steeler, Porter Jr. expressed his gratitude and excitement to be joining the team. He shared that the possibility of playing in Pittsburgh had always been on his mind and he was now looking forward to finding a place to live and getting started with the team. 

Joey Porter Jr. may have been passed on in round one of the NFL Draft, but he has something that many others don’t – a supportive father who has had his own career. Joey Porter Sr. played 13 years in the NFL and won a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He knows what it takes to make it in the league and he seems to be passing that knowledge on to his son. After being drafted by his dad’s old team, Joey Porter Jr. looks ready to follow in his father’s footsteps and make a name for himself in the NFL.

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