What was Spygate Scandal involving Tom Brady, Patriots? Exploring one of the biggest career controversies of NFL GOAT

Tom Brady’s name doesn’t get associated with marvelous success only as the retired footballer was found engaged in many controversies. Some of the stigmas which he garnered from his activities are still a poignant black spot on his ravishing career. And so it is for the Spygate Scandal of 2007 which is considered to be one of the biggest controversies of his career.

So, it is time to explore the scandal involving Tom Brady and his former team New England Patriots.

What Was the NFL Spygate Scandal All About?

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Tom Brady is a former football player who spent 23 seasons with the league most of which was the New English Patriots. And during his tenure as a quarterback, his name was associated with Spaygate Scandal.

In about 2007, the news broke out that since the 2000s, the Patriots were videotaping their opponent team’s movements to have a clear idea of their signals so that they could utilize it in winning games. Former head coach Bill Belichick was in the spotlight of the accusations.

Although, the seven times Super Bowl winner’s name wasn’t directly involved with the scandal, many raised questions if his wins were genuine. After the incident, the head coach faced a lawsuit and ended up paying a huge sum as a fine amount but no charges were brought against Tom Brady.

This controversy leads us back to the early career days of the quarterback when he was already a star for leading his team toward three Super Bowls. The QB had amazing career achievements with the Patriots even after the scandal broke out, so there is no way to ignore his talents.

Well, irrespective of some questionable acts, no one can deny the superiority of Tom Brady who occupies the place of a GOAT in the entire NFL history. The new-generation NFL stars have so much to learn from his exceptional leadership skills and game-handling qualities for which he is an unerasable name within the league.

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