When Bucs’ Tom Brady embarrassed Saints’ Drew Brees after Divisional Round win at Super Bowl LV

Before putting an end to his phenomenal 23 seasons career in 2023, the NFL GOAT Tom Brady sent a shockwave among fans by deciding to part ways with the New England Patriots to get enrolled in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster in 2020.

Brady‘s debut in Tampa Bay didn’t go well as he was intercepted twice and his new team lost to Drew Brees’s New Orleans Saints in the initial week, however, the veteran QB later orchestrated a masterclass performance to deal with the embarrassment. His former teammate and former Bucs wide receiver LeSean McCoy once shared a story of the year that made fans burst into laughter.

Tom Brady embarrassed Drew Brees after the victory

McCoy shared an interesting story about his time with the franchise during an on the “I Am Athlete” podcast in 2022 following winning his second Super Bowl in LV with the legendary TB12.

The two-time Super Bowl winner couldn’t do much well in his last season as he recorded just 31 yards in ten games, however, Brady moonlighted as a hero to lead Tampa Bay to a 31-9 Super Bowl victory over the Kansas City Chiefs and Lesean revealed a hilarious story of that time during the podcast.

The then 41-year-old New Orleans quarterback Drew outperformed the Bucs’ former QB twice in the regular season games despite his declining physical state.

“Another one, right? This is a funny one. We were playing the Saints, don’t kill me, Tom. This is a funny one, right? So they beat us twice that year. Beat the sh*t out of us. They sweep us and then we meet in the playoffs. Everyone knows Drew Brees is retiring cause he wasn’t the same, arm wasn’t the same. We beat ’em.”

Shady said the three-time NFL MVP spent quality time with his rival Drew’s kids before the match, however, the funniest part was when the California Cool changed his demeanor from pre-game warmups to kickoff after heading to the locker room.

“Tom is out there throwing with Brees’ kids. Kissing babies, We get back to the locker room, Tom goes, ‘I got his ass! Let’s go! Sit his a*s down!’ We were all like, ‘ohhhh!”

Tom never directly raised fingers about his opponents, albeit everyone knows how ruthless of a competitor he is and what he can do under pressure.

Tom Brady’s Bucs fall short of Drew Brees’ Saints the whole 2020 season

TB12’s debut to Tampa Bay didn’t go well against the Saints squad as the Bucs lost for the first time at home in 2020 and dropped to 6-3 on the season and 3-1 at Raymond James Stadium, marking an end to their three-game winning streak. The signal-callers team once again got humiliated by the Saints in their rematch in week 9 as he led Tampa Bay to lose 38-3 to the Saints.

New Orleans claimed the No. 2 seed just below the four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers’ former team Green Bay Packers with a 12-4 record in the playoffs while Tom Brady managed to lead the Buccaneers to the playoffs with a 11-5 record.

Tom Terrific, known for his extreme competitive game mindset, was eying revenge over his competitor after getting the chance to face off the Saints in the Divisional Round as the Buccaneers defeated New Orleans by 20-30 and headed to the Conference Championship against the Packers.

Tom Brady

Despite facing setbacks at the initial games of the season, Tampa Bay’s victory in the Divisional Round and later the Super Bowl served as a reminder of Brady‘s ability to rise to the occasion on the grandest stage and that is why he is regarded as the undisputed GOAT of the NFL.


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